7 Unique Ways To Show Off Your Pretty Lingerie

by Melodi Erdogan

When it comes to lingerie, I am not very modest. Quite honestly, I think it’s both chic and alluring when you show your bra or otherwise let your undergarments been seen through your clothes in an otherwise basic, or even conservative, outfit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about being able to see your bright pink thong through a pair of white jeans. I’m talking about a dark blue bra peeking out from below a muscle T, or a pretty pink bralette barely spotted through a semi-sheer blouse. In my opinion, undergarments are just another factor of styling a great outfit. We all start getting dressed in our underwear, and most of us have cute, colorful pieces to show off. So why not make it a focal point, or at least a complimentary factor, in an outfit?

I admit that showing off your undergarments might be a little inappropriate for some settings (meetings with your CEO, lunch with the grandparents, going to the dentist, etc.), but it’s definitely another styling piece to consider for nights out, dinner with friends, or even summer excursions.

So, in order to challenge the fashion faux-pas that says you can’t reveal your undergarments, here are seven styling tips to show off your pretty lingerie.

Because why leave everything to the imagination?

1. Under A Muscle T-Shirt

Summer calls for flowy shirts with lots of aeration, because let’s be real here: we’re all sweating, and no one wants those dreadful pit stains to be the focus of their outfit. With muscle tees, that problem is completely eliminated. A shirt with extra space around the arms also allows for some prime real estate to show off some pretty lingerie.

Pair a basic or graphic muscle tee with a lacy bra like I did, or even opt for a bathing suit on the beach or a fitted, satin tank top. Since your arms will be covering your under item most of the time, the flash of your undergarments when you do raise your arms will be flirty and chic.

2. With A Semi-Sheer Shirt

My personal favorite look is layering a semi-sheer shirt over a colorful undergarment. Since I usually wear baggier tops, like the one pictured, my colorful bra is only slightly visible. Without giving too much away, the bra allows me to stay cool under my shirt, plus looks great paired with a high-waisted skirt. If you were to wear a tighter shirt, opting for a longer bodiced piece might add extra personality and flair to your look. Either way, the bra adds a colorful, unique characteristic to an otherwise basic outfit, as well as an added layer that doesn't add extra heat.

3. Or A Completely Sheer Shirt

Like I said, most of these styling tips might not be the best idea for a work environment. But when it comes to summer vacation, going out, or even attending a special occasion, sheer clothes are always welcome. And a great way to dress up a sheer garment, while also giving you correct and comfortable breast support, is to display pretty lingerie underneath.

I paired a red lace bra under my collared, sheer black button-down. The bra is actually hidden enough by the front pockets of this blouse, so it's not too uncomfortable but it provides enough support for me to feel confident under my clothes. While I stuck to differing color schemes, a matching black pieces would also look great.

4. To Add Color And Texture

In addition to a pop of color, you can also use your undergarments to add some extra texture as well. As we all know, lace is a popular feature on most lingerie pieces. It’s sexy, alluring, and super pretty, but when layered with a cotton tank top it looks even better.

Lace might be a bedroom-type fabric, so pairing it with everyday fabrics like cotton or jersey creates an incredibly cool juxtaposition. My navy bralette gives me lift and extra coverage underneath this otherwise boring tank top. The bralette also makes it super easy to layer dainty necklaces into my décolletage. Fancy, no?

5. With A Bodysuit Or Bathing Suit

I guarantee you there are items in your wardrobe that you never guessed you could layer with your everyday clothes. That black body suit? Pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt. That colorful, floral bathing suit? Throw it on with a pair of destroyed denim shorts. You invest in every piece you buy, so get the most wear out of it by thinking outside of the box.

I recently purchased this one-piece bathing suit and loved how it looked with a pair of baggy jean shorts. Perfect for a summer excursion, or even paired with a full midi skirt for another, more formal event, my bathing suit is getting a lot more wear than if I just reserved it for the beach or pool. Just be sure to change once you get it wet, since that post-pool suit can lead to infection.

6. As A Statement Piece

As a major girly-girl, it’s probably not surprising that I’m writing this article or own a peach and rose gold toned bustier like the one pictured. That being said, everyone has their preference for undergarments. And let’s be real here, we all like to indulge in an extra sexy, pretty piece for those special occasions. But why wait for something special? As I like to say, every day is a special occasion.

7. To Feel Confident And Sexy

And ultimately, if you’re showing off your undergarments to the world, you should feel confident and sexy while doing it. While I admit that there is a (quickly vanishing) stigma behind showing off your bra or other undergarment, if shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious or insecure about the way you look or feel.

Your pretty undergarments are meant to be shown off, so don’t be shy!

Images: Melodi Erdogan; Giphy; Melodierdogan/Instagram