Girl Arrives At Prom In An Ambulance So Prince Charming Can Kiss Her Awake, Lives Out The Ultimate "Sleeping Beauty" Fantasy — PHOTOS

This girl didn't just want to make a grand entrance on a spiral staircase at prom. She went all out. As in, faked her own death all out. (But in a cute way! Stick with me.) She made a by getting carried out in a stretcher. She's perfectly still, in a beautiful white and . She appears lifeless. Until a boy appears, and kisses her cheek. (At this point, soft should be playing in your head.) He kisses her cheek and she springs to life! Bam. Prom entrance. It blows most out of the water, and even overshadows a few wedding entrances.

The scene was tweeted out in three hilarious pictures, which went viral. The tweet got more than 7,000 retweets and about 7,800 favorites. And you thought you did your prom right by renting a limo. Well, that's old news. Now you've got to rise from the dead to make a splash.

No amount of corsage fanfare or horse drawn carriage rides can top this. This girl needs to set her sights on either Broadway or the Miss American pageant. I'd happily follow her career either way. (Personally, I'm hoping she or her partner end up on The Bachelor.)

Here are the three stages of the ultimate prom entrance fantasy:

Let's take a closer look.

Phase 1: The dead fake out

I wanted to be alarmed by this photo but my first inclination was to mention how obsessed I am with the bodice of her dress.

Phase 2: The Kiss

I had so many song suggestions for this moment.

Phase 3: The Finale.

SHE'S UP. (If this isn't a Miss America/Miss Congeniality moment, I don't know what is.)

This can also double as a metaphor for Easter, but that's an entirely different article. Until then let's just hope to see this pair on the Internet again STAT.

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