6 Things 'Southern Charm' Fans Can Do To Enjoy The Show Even Though The Season's Over

It hasn't been that long since Southern Charm aired its Season 2 finale, but I'm already having withdrawal. And honestly, how could I not? There's a hole in my heart that's usually filled by Kathryn and T-Rav's dramatic arguments and Cameran's witty commentary on the idiots that surround her. Without my favorite Bravo reality series, my Tuesday nights are much more boring. And without confirmation of a Southern Charm Season 3 yet, I've been feeling pretty low. If you're feeling the same way, worry not: I've figured out exactly how you can live Southern Charm all year long, even when there's a serious lack of new episodes on TV.

Because let's be real: Southern Charm isn't just a show, it's a lifestyle. Especially for me, since I actually live in the south. But Georgia isn't the same as South Carolina, so while my town is populated by plenty of people who say the word "y'all" and drink sweet tea, I've had to get creative to get my SC fix, too.

It turns out that it's totally possible to live like the Southern Charm cast, even if it is a little expensive. And, while none of us will ever be quite as fabulous as Patricia Altshul, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

1. Visit The Palace Hotel

And by Palace Hotel, I mean the restaurant that Shep owns in Charleston. If you're in the mood for fancy hot dogs and booze — and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be — stop by, and maybe you'll catch Shep while you're there. Tell him I said hi!

2. Wear Plenty Of Lilly Pulitzer

Much of what Cameran wears on the show is Lilly Pulitzer, and, as a Lilly obsessive, I can pick out one of her signature patterns from a mile away. This one is going to cost you, but if you're on a budget, their iPhone cases and wristlets don't run too outrageously.

3. Spend A Weekend In Charleston

Need a relaxing getaway while living like the Southern Charm cast? No better place to do it than Charleston! It basically has everything — shopping, the beach, yummy restaurants. And, who knows? You might run into a familiar face or two on your travels.

4. Sharpen Up Your Bartending Skills

If you want to be like Patricia (and if you're breathing, I assume that you do), you're going to have to accept the fact that you do not have your own Michael, and you need to learn how to bartend drinks yourself. My best advice? Download one of my favorite apps, Mixology. You can add the contents of your liquor cabinet into the app and it'll give you foolproof recipes for the stuff you already have at home. You'll be making a pretty legit mint julep in no time!

5. Throw A Dinner Party Where You Share Your Infinite Wisdom

Bravo on YouTube

Dress up, have food catered in, and proceed to tell all of your invited guests how you know the secrets of the world and they don't, T-Rav style.

6. Rewatch All Your Favorite Episodes

Seriously, do they ever get boring?

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo, bricesander/Tumblr