Andrew Was Trying To Find The Liars On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Or So He Claims During A Vicious Argument

Well, that was quick. Just one episode after he was arrested, Andrew Campbell was released on Pretty Little Liars, causing the Liars to really set a fire under their investigation. His release coincided with the Liars discovering more proof about Charles' existence and receiving another text from A, so by the time they bumped into their former number one suspect, they had apparently changed their minds. When they finally met outside the police station shortly after his release, not only did Andrew tell the Liars that he was innocent, but he spewed pure venom at the four girls, apparently forgetting the trauma they just been through.

Yes, I'm sure being arrested and falsely accused of a vicious crime was difficult for Andrew, but the Liars have just been tortured for three weeks straight. They don't need this guy to start comparing them to "toxic waste dumps." However, between this conversation, Aria's own apology, the lack of evidence, and the new A text, it's more obvious than ever that Andrew Campbell is not Charles DiLaurentis, no matter how mysterious his birth parents may be.

Hopefully, the elimination of this red herring with motivate the Rosewood PD start actually looking elsewhere, and get some leads on the real Charles. Andrew is just a jerk whose hero complex let Big A frame him for some of his worst crimes yet, and it's time everyone start down the trail of the person who actually deserves to be imprisoned.

Image: ABC Family