Angela Tells Jamie The Truth On 'Power,' But She Still Doesn't Know Half Of His Devastating Secrets

You have to give Power's Angela credit, she is really going all-in with Jamie, risking her investigation, her job, and her career to try and protect him. Last season, we watched her try to hunt down the drug king of New York, never realizing that she was sleeping with him the whole time. Now that we're making progress in Power Season 2, she's unraveled half of the mystery unraveled, but is still so far off the mark. After a romantic getaway to Miami (which doubled as a club deal for Jamie and a chance to get information out of the woman who targeted his crew for months), Angela checked in with a colleague to see what would happen if an innocent man had a business partner who was also a drug lord. Because in Angela's world, Jamie (aka Ghost) has no idea that his best friend and business partner is a criminal mastermind running one of the biggest drug rings in New York. Um, Angela, I know love is blind, but come on.

After much soul searching and love affirming, Angela finally tells Jamie that she is a federal agent, gunning for Tommy. She basically comes clean about her entire job and for a moment, I really thought that Jamie was going to crack, tell her everything, and then they'd run away together. But Jamie blinked and it was gone, his mask firmly in place. They essentially shelve the issue (with Jamie not really commenting on Tommy or his guilt one way or another) and head back home, getting into separate cars, and looking at one another as they speed away in different directions.

Was this the long goodbye for Angela and Ghost? Definitely not. There are still too many secrets for Angela to unravel. At some point, she is going to realize that Ghost is Jamie, not Tommy and then he'll be in real trouble— regardless of how much she loves him.

Image: Starz