When Does The Next Pixar Movie Come Out? 'The Good Dinosaur' Will Be Here Before You Know It

Without exception, the release of a new Pixar movie is cause for celebration. It's pretty much fact that the studio can do no wrong, and that each new film it releases will be an absolute must-see. It's held true for the Toy Story series, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and more, all the way up to Friday's Inside Out , Pixar's fantastic newest creation. There is one downside to the studio's movies, though: they take a long time to get to theaters. Usually, there's at least a year, if not two, between films, and so with Inside Out just released this week, that doesn't bode well for a new one anytime soon. So when does the next Pixar movie come out?

For the first time ever right after one of the studio's releases, the answer can finally be soon. The next Pixar movie is called The Good Dinosaur , and it's set to be released November 25 — yes, this November. Why the rush? It's not because the studio wants to make you ugly-cry twice a year instead of just once (although actually, maybe it is); The Good Dinosaur was originally supposed to be released May 30, 2014, but was pushed back due to problems with production, marking the first year since 2005 that the studio didn't put out a film.

According to the LA Times, issues with solidifying the film's plot caused the director and producer to be replaced, and soon after, other major changes followed with the voice cast and story concept. Don't get worried about the new movie's quality, though. Pixar has a history of making films that might seem impossible to get right during the production stage, but end up being incredible. Even Inside Out, which is winning rave reviews, had serious issues at some point; in an interview with Vulture, director Pete Docter revealed that he found out a major problem with the movie three years into production. So while The Good Dinosaur may have faced some setbacks along the way, its troubles are not necessarily a signifier of what to expect from the actual film.

And besides, what's known about the movie already sounds great. The Good Dinosaur follows the story of Arlo, a tragedy-struck Apatosaurus who befriends a human boy — because in this universe, dinosaurs never became instinct and live alongside people. The film's trailer shows beautiful animation and a compelling plot, and during a presentation at Cannes in May, Pixar's John Lasseter promised that the final result will be "breathtaking."

Thankfully, we only have to wait five months to see the movie for ourselves. 2014 may have been a sad year without any Pixar movies, but two in the span of twelve months certainly makes up for the loss. I can't wait to see what The Good Dinosaur has in store.

Images: Walt Disney Studios (2)