If ‘Aquarius’ Comes Back For Season 2, It Owes Us A Ton Of Answers

Aquarius is a bit of challenge to box into our standard ideas about shows. I went into the show expecting a stand-alone mini-series, something with a clear beginning middle and end — along the lines of Fargo on FX. But, while it had a strong beginning and solid (if sometimes ponderous) middle, it didn’t really have an end. Though billed as a series, this felt like just a season finale, not a series one. We ended with a cliffhanger, multiple ones actually, and many unanswered questions for Aquarius Season 2. Of course, the biggest question of all is whether Aquarius will be renewed in the first place. [Update: NBC has announced Aquarius has been renewed for a second season.]

I hope it will be. The show was a dark, compelling study, and there's so much more potential for the plot lines we haven’t seen play out yet. I want to see more from Emma, like her evolution and growth, and if she makes it out of the Manson Family (intact and alive). I also want more Sam Hodiak, because he’s a dynamic character, and, let's face it, more David Duchovny is always a good thing in my book.

Assuming we do see another season (or “series”) here are all of the questions it has to answer.

1. What In The World Happened To Charmain?

It’s no secret that she is my favorite character. I liked her attitude, (and all of my goodwill for Rebekah Mickaelson may have had something to do with it), so having her disappear at the end is my most pressing worry. Assuming she does make it back alive, I hope they give her more screentime.

2. Did Ken Kill Hal?

It wouldn’t be his first murder, and Ken is clearly a desperate man. He could have murdered Hal, but on the other hand...

3. Did Hal Kill Ken?

We only heard gunfire, we didn't see the action. If you flip the script, Hal easily could have gotten the gun away from Ken and killed him instead. Both men are pretty terrible, but my money is on Ken making it out alive — his character's got too much going on. Sorry Hal, you’re more disposable.

4. Is A Flash Forward Next?

Right now we are a full two years out from the Manson murders that made Charlie so famous. Will Season 2 time jump a bit — or will we have to wait until a possible Season 4 (or something) to see the murders?

5. Does Anyone Care About An Internal Investigation?

Sam killed two suspects in a struggle, but it was really more murder than self-defense. He tells the commissioner who essentially shrugs it off, but there still may be an investigation. I don’t know much about police politics, but if the commissioner doesn’t care about the murders, what is the point of an investigation? I hope it's not a big deal; I don’t want to see Sam in jail next season.

6. Does Emma Make It Out?

She has not shown the best judgement (or much backbone), but the girl is in some pretty extreme circumstances here. I want the possible next season to be the emancipation of Emma, where she goes full women's rights, ditches the cult, and discovers herself.

7. What’s Up With The Black Panthers?

Seriously, how are they going to tie in? I want to see where they go with this — Bunchy was around all season but he didn’t tangle much with Manson. Will they be wrapped into the cult as well?

8. What Becomes Of Walt?

I’m still hoping that he didn’t get in too much trouble. After all, this is just a kid messed up by war trying to do the right thing.

Come on, Aquarius. Give the people what they want, and give us a Season 2.

Images: Vivian Zink/NBC; giphy(8)