7 Christina Aguilera Songs That Are So Ridiculously Underrated

Attention all '90s babies: When you think Christina Aguilera, what song immediately comes to mind? If you're like most, it's probably something like “Dirrty,” “Genie In A Bottle," or “Fighter,” — and that's cool, because there's a reason those songs still resonate today: They're all mega-hits that deserve of their status because they brought a sense of depth and emotion to pop music. (Not to mention, they were damn good.) Those songs are only a select few of the singer’s most popular tunes, too: There’s also “Hurt” and “Come On Over” and “Beautiful." However, it's worth keeping in mind that those songs don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what Aguilera has brought to the music industry: Aguilera’s most underrated songs contributed a lot too.

Some of these songs you might see and immediately respond with an “aha!” moment — while others you may have to listen to in order to jog your rusty memory. I bet there are even some songs on this list that you haven't heard of! But, that’s the beauty of music and YouTube: We all get to go back in time and fall in love with all those songs our younger selves were either too immature or unseasoned enough to appreciate whenever we want.

To help you get started, are seven of Christina Aguilera’s most underrated songs:

1. "Obvious"

strawberrybanana28 on YouTube

*Suffocates in pile of used tissues*

2. "Reflection"

ChristinaAguileraBR on YouTube

I, like you, had my first melodramatic existential crisis to this song.

3. "Save Me From Myself"

ajfromtheblock on YouTube

*Sways back and forth with a lighter in my left hand and my phone (on flashlight mode!) in my right*

4. "Oh Mother"

CAguileraVEVO on YouTube

Play this for your mom and instantly become the favorite child.

5. "The Right Man"

eiky95 on YouTube

Consider your cynical thoughts towards romance slayed.

6. "Get Mine, Get Yours"

Casper Xtina on YouTube

Yes, there are even considerably upbeat songs that didn't get enough fanfare.

7. "I Am"

Casper Xtina on YouTube

A more recent tune that, if you haven't heard it before, should now become your theme song.

Xtina listening session, anyone?