'Don't Trust The B–––– In Apartment 23' Fashion Inspired By Chloe So You'll Be Ready To Party 24/7

I'm not perfect, I'm no snitch but I can tell you she's a... fashionable fox! Seriously, Don't Trust the B–––– in Apartment 23 fashion is off the scale. Of course I am talking about the style belonging to the socialite with sociopathic tendencies: Chloe. It can be argued that her new roommate June has her own, wholesome, sweetheart style but Chloe is a trend setter rather than a trend follower and she plays with fashion like a cat teasing a mouse before devouring it.

Chloe reminds me of a modern day Holly Golightly with an evil streak. The story of Don't Trust the B–––– in Apartment 23 begins with June moving into Chloe's apartment in New York. Chloe tries to play a scam on June as she does with all of her (ex) roommates, whereby she asks them for a lump sum of rent in advance and after receiving it, she attempts to drive them out of the apartment. Normally this works but June is a worthy competitor and she gets her own back on Chloe, which draws them together as friends.

Chloe is always out partying, trying to scam everyone she lays eyes on, and living her bon vivant lifestyle to the max. It is no wonder this young socialite always looks so fabulous! So here's some inspiration from the girl that's meaner than all of the Mean Girls put together, so you too can always be ready for an impromptu soirée.

1. The Brit Pop Ensemble

Chloe is often seen either in super luxurious OTT garments, or quirky, edgy chic pieces. Here she is channelling the latter with this Brit Pop outfit comprised of a union jack tee, black jeans, and a black blazer. The blazer adds a formal touch to this otherwise punk inspired ensemble.

Doctor Who Union Jack Tardis Girls T-Shirt, $18, Hot Topic

Show your love for Great Britain in this rock chick T-Shirt, complete with a quintessentially British design featuring the tardis from Doctor Who.

Basic Jeggings in Short, $35, Wet Seal

Chloe likes to wear her clothes skin tight, so flaunt a pair of black jeggings instead of jeans to pull off this look.

Shawl Collar Blazer, $30, Forever 21

Chloe shows that you can literally throw a blazer on anything to smarten up your entire outfit. I have a black blazer and I pair it with anything and everything. In the past I have worn it to interviews, on nights out over my party dresses, and even during the day when I want to add a formal edge to my casual attire. A black blazer is a wardrobe staple.

2. The Slinky Scarlet Dress

I don't know how she does it but Chloe always looks on point 24/7. Here she is wearing a long sleeved, bodycon mini dress with a big belt — the original lady in red!

Penny V Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress, $14, Boohoo

This almost identical bright red dress is a style steal at just $14!

Boldly Buckled Blet in Black, $25, Modcloth

Copy Chloe with this cool, black belt with gold fastenings.

3. The Slogan Knitted Jumper

I don't think there exists another sweater in the world which is more fitting for Chloe than this ironic knit. She proves slogan sweaters are super easy to wear, especially when your wardrobe consists of a continuous color scheme — such as Chloe's love affair with black and red shades — so you can easily pair it with any number of other pieces.

Lead Sister Intarsia Merino Wool Sweater, $485, Net-A- Porter

Invest in a luxe knit such as this black and pink merino wool sweater. Show the world you're not an understudy, you're the lead!

4. The LBD & Thigh High Boots

Here is Chloe showing June that she spent some of the money that June gave her for rent on an Alexander McQueen bag. Shock! Horror! Chloe has a whole other side to her: the sultry seductress. Here she is in a flirty little number; a black leopard print mini dress paired with Catwoman–esque thigh high boots. Me-ow!

Mango Silver Leopard Bodycon Dress, $26, ASOS

I've got a feeling Chloe would approve of this feline number. It's bodycon, it's sequinned, and it's short!

Asia Boots by Privileged, $115, Heels

Adding to the Catwoman vibes, these thigh high boots have a sultry heel cut–out so you can flash some skin in an avant-garde way.

5. The Studded Biker Jacket & Scarlet Sunnies

The combination of a masculine biker jacket and bright red, feminine sunglasses is genius. Chloe is rocking James Dean and Audrey Hepburn vibes all at once — and the result is awesome.

PrettyGuide Power Studded Shoulder Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $99, Amazon

I love the spiked shoulders on this biker and I actually prefer this faux leather jacket to Chloe's. Sorry Chloe!

Jeremy Scott Cat Eye Sunglasses in PAin Splatter, $302, Linda Farrow

These sunglasses by Jeremy Scott are incredible and they match Chloe's red and black wardrobe effortlessly. Plus the name is a clever play on words. Cat eye sunglasses are in and though they may be a little pricey, think of them as an investment which you will wear summer after summer.

Be ready for anything this summer like party girl Chloe!

Images: ABC; Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands