Go B-A-N-A-N-A-S In Gwen Stefani Inspired Fashion

Gwen Stefani ain't no "Hollaback Girl" but she sure knows how to dress! IMO, Gwen Stefani's fashion sense is top notch. Ever since breaking into the music business with No Doubt in the 1990s, she has been one to watch in the style stakes. Ms. Stefani is a fashion chameleon; one minute portraying a Marie Antoinette style Alice in Wonderland, the next a swashbuckling fashion pirate, and all the while jumping back to her go–to effortless street style.

Stefani is so stylish that she even has her own fashion label L.A.M.B. (standing for Love Angel Music Baby) and her own line of fragrances. But her style has evolved much since her days of No Doubt. Once a lover of stick–on bindis and diamante crystals, crop tops, and tracksuit bottoms, when she flew solo she still kept a sprinkling of her innate street style, but added in lashings of Japanese Harajuku street fashion and accentuated her classic vintage style. Her style also pulls inspiration from British fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano, whom she actually mentions in her song "Rich Girl."

There's just something so anarchic yet fantastical about her music video costumes that it's hard not to imagine that these two rebellious fashion giants weren't an inspiration to her garments. Plus she admittedly loves their work, as she told Vogue that meeting Vivienne Westwood "was like meeting the Queen. I was like, 'Aaargh!'"

If you're a lover of avant–garde fashion and prefer to be a fashion shepherd rather than a sheep, then here's how to get Gwen Stefani's quirky style.

1. The Long Sleeved Leopard Print Number

Leopard print can be worn in three different ways: With a vintage vixen outfit, to complement alternative attire, or when you want to be fierce like Scary Spice. Here in her music video for "Cool," Stefani is channelling the vintage vixen look with her hair in a high ponytail and sporting a quiff and a red lip.

Carla Leopard Long Sleeve Wrap Front Playsuit, $10,

Why not elongate this classic print and wear it on a long sleeved playsuit? Pair with your favorite red lipstick like Stefani and some red patent, peep–toe heels to channel a vintage vibe.

2. The Striped Catsuit

In her video for "The Sweet Escape" Stefani is seen in a striped catsuit as an inmate in a golden prison cell. IMO, she is giving off major Catwoman vibes with an underlying hint of Lady Gaga in "Telephone."

Referee Backless Catsuit, $100,

Similar in style to Stefani's, this striped catsuit would make the wearer look like the most stylish criminal who ever existed. Apart from Gwen. Plus, this style is backless, which adds a little sauciness to an already foxy outfit.

3. The Quirky Cloud Shirt

I love this shirt, it is just so whimsical yet modern and it's a great piece to have in your summer wardrobe. Stefani has added a feminine touch to this androgynous shirt by wearing a cute bow as a tie.

Digital Print Long Sleeve Crop Top, $15,

Check out this super cute, long sleeved crop top. Although not a shirt, this style is reminiscent of Stefani's love of crop tops and it is rocking strong '90s vibes.

Bow Choker, $20,

As there is no collar on the crop top, you won't be able to wear a pussy–bow tie like Stefani. So to steal Ms. Stefani's style, wear a cute, black bow choker. You'll also be totally on point with the choker trend this summer, too.

4. The Swashbuckling Pirate Style

In one of my favorite Gwen Stefani music videos, "Rich Girl," Stefani goes all POTC on us and channels her inner pirate queen. There is a lot going on with this look, so layering is key.

Vintage 1970s Victoriana Ruffled Lace White Silk Shirt, $67,

To start this look, you'll need a ruffled, white shirt such as this vintage one.

Striped Slim Peplum Jacket, $52,

After this, layer a striped jacket on top to add a punk edge.

Victorian Charm Cameo Necklace, $20,

Don't forget your pirate jewelry! Layer on as much as you desire but make sure to add in a cameo necklace among your treasure.

LOVEsick Black & White Striped Lace Shorts, $21,

Although not exactly true to Ms. Stefani's outfit, I thought she would still love these pirate style, lace shorts.

5. The Alternative Wedding Hat

This hat is so Stefani and so eccentrically fabulous. She wears this quirky, cream top hat during her Alice in Wonderland themed video for "What You Waiting For?" along with an exaggerated, ruffled dress and ladylike leather gloves. This hat would be perfect to add an eccentric twist to your wedding outfit this summer.

Black & White Lace Top Hat with Veil, $68,

Show off your style this summer with this unique, white top hat with lace, feathers, and a net veil. It would be perfect for a night out to watch a burlesque show, a bachelorette party, or a wedding.

"Look at your watch now! You're still a super hot female!" So channel Gwen Stefani's awesome style this summer. What you waiting for?

Images: GwenStefaniVEVO/YouTube (5); Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands