5 Easy Reminders That Will Restore Your Self-Confidence, Because You're Flawless And You Should Know It

Even the person who seems to have their life completely together sometimes need to learn how to improve their self-confidence levels. Yes, even the people who have a real job, know how to do taxes, and have those cute little monogrammed hand towels in their bathroom can go through a serious rough patch. Sometimes, we just forget to take care of ourselves — or forget that we always deserve to be healthy and happy. Women especially take blows to their self esteem day in and day out, thanks to the media and well, the patriarchy. But it's time to look in the proverbial (and literal) mirror and remind yourself of how truly AMAZING you are, despite your mind trying to convince you otherwise. Whether your thing is listening to Beyonce or going for a run (or both), there are a million different ways to remind yourself of how strong, amazing, and unique you truly are.

We all need a little wake up call once in a while, and, hey — maybe this is yours. Whether you just went through a breakup, are dealing with issues at work, or are just feeling down in the dumps for no reason at all (hey, it happens), we all need some encouragement to get back to being obsessed with how cute and fabulous and independent you are, we're right there with you. Do whatever you need to do to get back to feeling like you run the world.

1. You are a stunning human being, and it's time to acknowledge that.

Understanding yourself and how your body works is important to loving it again. It's time to take some action and show yourself a little physical lovin'—because you're gorgeous and you deserve some attention! Get sweaty. Do something outdoors that gets your blood flowing and makes you exhausted, but happy. Drink tons of water. Take a really hot shower. Exfoliate with something that smells amazing. Dry off, cover yourself in coconut oil. Feel soft and happy. Lay in bed, enjoy your skin for a while. Nap, just sit and breathe. Do whatever feels good and listen to your body — put a little time aside every day until it becomes second nature.

2. Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

Because the goal here is to remember that, although pretty cheesy, at the end of the day you are your best friend. Nobody can take care of you, like you can. If someone you deeply cared about wasn't feel great, what would you do? Probably tell them all the things you love about them or take them to a bookstore and buy them coffee to keep their mind occupied. So why can't you do just that for yourself? Self-compassion is important, guys.

3. Make stuff. It feels good, even if you suck at it.

Channeling your energy into something creative has all kinds of benefits. I'm not saying you need to follow in your nana's footsteps and take up crocheting, but producing something—anything, really—feels good. You don't have to be an expert, just get your hands dirty and have a little fun. Whether your creative outlet is baking, writing a screenplay, or painting George Bush-inspired portraits, proving to yourself you can create something out of nothing is a pretty cool feat.

4. A little sex never hurt, either.

First of all, let's get one thing straight: Having sex for validation is never a good idea. Plus it never really works. But being sexual isn't always about having sex with other people! Sure, sometimes being with someone who looks at you like they want to lick your entire body (and then give them the OK to do so) doesn’t exactly hurt your ego. But you can make yourself feel just as good, if not better. So figure out what gets you hottest: Maybe getting together with an old fling or just a good old-fashioned evening with your favorite sex toy is all you need. What you really want here is to remind yourself how sexy you can be, and how SERIOUSLY COOL your body is — because, hello, orgasms exist and that's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

5. Take care of your head.

I can't stress enough how important your mental health is! When you're sick with mono, you go to the doctor. If you're having trouble with depression or self esteem issues, you need the same kind of professional help. There are plenty of ways to find cheap and even free counselors in your area, if you just need someone totally unbiased to vent to. It's also really important to take the time to think about your emotions and how they're affecting your everyday life. Keeping a journal is the perfect way to keep track of how your emotions change day to day, and if anything feels even slightly off you might want to consider reaching out to someone for help. Because your mind is beautiful and deserves just as much care as the rest of you!

Images: ilya_oreshkov/Fotolia; Giffy (5)