6 Reasons Being Friends With Kit Harington Would Be Tough, Including That He Didn't Tell His Buds About Jon Snow

Kit Harington, I still love you so much, and am so sad though I am sad that your character Jon Snow had to be stabbed to death by a kid on Game of Thrones. But to give credit where credit is due, the artist formerly known as Jon Snow really does know how to keep a secret. One of his famous friends Zach Braff (I know, they're an odd couple), said that he, too, was totally blindsided by the untimely death on Sunday's Season 5 finale of the HBO show. As Braff told E! News, "I cornered him at the bar, and we talked for a long time about all my questions. He didn't even tell me! He was a very, very good soldier for HBO. This was like a week before some... major things happened." Some MAJOR things, indeed. Poor Jon Snow, ever the loyal soldier, stabbed to death by his own men!

And, I can't believe that I am saying this, but I also have to give credit to Zach Braff for pursuing and maintaining his friendship with the moody, broody Lord Commander. Because as much as I would love to woo and marry Kit Harington and help teach him that love and happiness really are possible, if I were his IRL friend, I would be constantly rolling my eyes. He just does not seem like he'd be easy to get along with. Maybe it's because he's a Capricorn — and I mean no disrespect, because I'm a Cappy too, and I am definitely tough to handle, friendship-wise, sometimes. But aside from that, here are six reasons it's probably super hard to be friends with Kit Harington.

1. He won't tell you anything

If you're a director or a producer or George R.R. Martin, the fact that Kitty Harington is tight-lipped is definitely a good thing. After the finale of Game of Thrones, the actor told Vulture of Jon Snow's death: "It feels like I've been sitting on this big f--king secret." You know what helps relieve that pressure? Gossiping about it to your friends. Don't you trust them???

2. He just feels like no one gets him

Just like Jon Snow, Harington really feels like he is a rock, he is an island. When he talked to British GQ about being single at the moment (he previously dated Game of Thrones costar and on-screen love interest Rose Leslie), he explained that it was just TOO hard, that relationships as an actor are nearly impossible. Well, if you're gonna limit the amount of people in your circle of trust, Jon Snow, you're gonna be a lone direwolf for ever.

3. He'd be a bad travel partner

Jon Snow might be brave enough to take on an enormous army of Whitewalkers, but Harington can be a bit of a baby. He told Conde Naste Traveler in 2012 that he has a fear of flying, even though he didn't used to, and that's gotta be

irritating to the rest of the cast that he flies with, since GoT is filmed all around the world. No one wants a panicky person sitting next to them on the plane. We all saw Bridesmaids.

4. He's kind of a bummer

We all know that included the ranking of the most famous Sad Boys right now are: Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kit Harington. Besides always looking like he's just survived the apocalypse alone and all his loved ones are dead, he told British GQ, "I'm happy. I'm in a comfortable place. But I have to actively remember to recognize that a lot of the time." Hey, cheer up, buddy, you're the most beloved brooder in Westeros! It can't be all bad! We all have that friend that's always moping. We still love them, but give it a rest already, Eeyore.

5. He doesn't understand double-standards

Kitty, you have much to learn! Harington is not at all happy with being known as as a "hunk" or a sex symbol, as he explained to Page Six. While he recognized that being lusted after by fans for your appearance rather than talent is a problem that women face, as well, he failed to mention how much worse it can be for women and how different the implications can be. Your female friends are not going to be happy with that kind of woe is me stuff, bud.

6. He's a glutton for punishment

The epic Hardhome battle during Season 5 took a MONTH to film, and while that is a very singular and impressive experience to be a part of, I'm sure, no one can possibly enjoy it, right? WRONG. Harington told Huffington Post Live that some of his fondest memories from the show were from filming that battle. Uh huh. A likely story. Nobody likes a friend who's a masochist, Kit.

Bless you, Kit Harington, and bless your patient friends. Lord knows you need them!

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