Now You Can Own 'The Monster Book of Monsters'

There are a million things from the Harry Potter universe we wish we could own: wands, owls that can deliver post, flying broomsticks... and a Monster Book of Monsters. Just imagine: your very own vicious companion to scare off intruders and growl at your enemies, and even better, to transform into a magical and fascinating book the instant you stroke its furry covers. Well, clear out your savings account, because for $295 you can buy just that.

More than a decade after it snarled and snapped its way onto the big screen, Sideshow Toys have released The Monster Book of Monsters official replica. It may not have the magical qualities of its fictional original, but it has just as much charm — and just as many fangs. And to give us an extra special Hogwarts experience, the book replica comes packaged with a limited edition of Harry Potter: The Creature Vault , a behind-the-scenes look at the way the films brought all the fantastic beasts to life. The attention to detail on Harry Potter film sets is pretty phenomenal, and a glimpse into this world is a treat for any Harry Potter mega-fan.

Although Sideshow Toys are offering a monthly payment plan to help us afford the ferocious looking prop, the official replica may still be a little on the pricey side. But don’t fear — you can still have your own toothy tome! I hope you’re feeling crafty, because a Harry Potter DIY video is on hand to teach you how to make your own Monster Book of Monsters .

It’s been 18 years since Harry Potter burst into our lives (whoa — that's enough time for someone to be born, go all the way through school, and register to vote), and we still don’t have invisibility cloaks, Canary Creams, or real Quidditch (other than Quidditch beer pong, which isn’t quite the same). But now we can make or buy The Monster Book of Monsters for our bookshelves, it will help ease the pain while we wait to get our Hogwarts letters of acceptance. Which will totally happen one day. Hang in there.