Natacha Baco's Clothing Line, By Natacha Baco, Uses Realistic Models To Show Off Her Stunning Designs

When paging through fashion magazines, it's not exactly the norm to see natural hair and women with curves gracing the pages. But take a look at Natacha Baco's clothing line, By Natacha Baco, and that's exactly what you'll see. According to Buzzfeed, Baco uses models that don't reflect fashion's norm to show off her well-tailored dresses and made-to-measure jumpsuits.

The French designer uses bold prints and colors in her line, which, according to Buzzfeed, was inspired by women as well as the beauty Baco sees in things around her. Her new Muse Collection features not only fabulous cutouts and silhouettes, but models that aren't afraid to let their natural beauty shine. By using natural-haired models that aren't under a size four, Baco proves that she's a designer who keeps non-model bodies in mind when creating her clothing.

She takes her slogan "grow your style, cultivate your difference" even further by customizing her designs for each customer. Her stunning creations can be perfected for each individual through the made-to-measure feature on her site, where the customer can choose the perfect fabric, length, and size for them. Say goodbye to guess-work, because these pieces will be the perfect fit every time.

Baco shows through her designs that she truly understands what women want. And she's not all talk, either — each piece in Baco's collection features a gorgeous sillhouette that proves she understands the female form. With everything from slightly cropped two-pieces to backless jumpsuits, there's something to compliment each woman's favorite feature.

1. Surprising cutouts

Take her creations from the office to a night out with Baco's fabulous cutouts.

2. Classic silhouettes

Give your favorite classic look a modern twist with the line's funky feel.

3. Bold prints

From soft prints to loud and proud creations, there's plenty of variety in Baco's collections.

This designer sure knows a thing or two about letting personality shine.

Image: Natacha Baco