Jeremy Scott Bumps Up Moschino Sales By Ten Times

It's hard not to smile or let out a little chuckle when you look at Moschino's endearing and humorous designs. By staying true to this iconic quirky style that Franco Moschino originally established, it seems that Jeremy Scott has increased Moschino's sales by ten times. Michelle Stein, president of Aeffe, Moschino's parent company, shared her thoughts about Scott in the New York Times, "Jeremy has a tongue-in-cheek approach to pop culture and his ear to the ground unlike anyone else’s." And this type of lighthearted and punny approach is what makes him so particularly perfect for the brand. Clearly, Stein agrees as she told the NYT, "He was the ideal choice in retrospect, since he possessed many of the characteristics that Franco possessed."

Just looking at those Moschino teddy bear sweaters, scarves and phone cases, alongside those Mickey D's tees, it's amazing to see Scott's quirky designs coming out so naturally. And seeing him continue and flourish the heart of the brand, after Franco passed away in 1994 due to AIDs, there's no wonder why Moschino sales have increased by tenfold. Now with the Moschino powerhouse, bestie duo: Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott at it, looks like Moschino is only going up from here.


Image: Getty