7 Christina Aguilera Lyrics That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Let's face it: Christina Aguilera is a vocal powerhouse. Other than bestowing her inimitable range on us for over a decade, she has also helmed some of the catchiest tracks to ever grace our radio waves. Lyrically, Aguilera's songs have garnered a reputation as being chock full of empowering themes and messages of self-love. Although she's proven that she is able to acclimate to a variety of genres and enjoys being experimental with her sound, all of her tracks (of which there are many) seem to be threaded together by Aguilera's signature "girl power" positivity, fearlessness, and the belief that we should all be comfortable in our own skin — regardless of what anyone else thinks. That's a message I got on board with back when Aguilera debuted her hit single "Genie In A Bottle" in 1999, where she sang of refusing to settle for anyone that wouldn't "rub [her] the right way" even if it so happened that she found her "hormones racing at the speed of light."

Since then, it has become a standard of mine to cue up all my favorite Aguilera tracks if I ever find myself having a bad day. Seriously, guys, it's pretty hard to be in a bad mood when your favorite pop queen is singing about how it just "Keeps Gettin' Better." Do you doubt me? Well then, let's take a look at seven Aguilera songs and the lyrics that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

"Beautiful" From Stripped

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Pretty much every lyric in this ballad is inspiring, but there's nothing that will brighten your day — and remind you of your awesomeness — like the lyric: "I am beautiful no matter what they say / Words can't bring me down."

"What A Girl Wants" From Christina Aguilera

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If Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother has taught me anything, it's that true, squee-worthy love really does exist. "What A Girl Wants" echoes this sentiment, and reminds us that chivalry is most assuredly still alive and kicking with the lyrics: "I only looked but I never touched / 'Cause in my heart there was a picture of us / Holdin' hands, making plans and it's lucky for me you understand."

"Fighter" From Stripped

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Do you need some empowerment to brighten your day? Look no further than this lyric: "I am a fighter and I / I ain't gonna stop / There is no turning back / I've had enough."

"Ain't No Other Man" From Back To Basics

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Whether you currently have a sweetie in your life, or are waiting for the right one to come along, this lyric from "Ain't No Other Man" is sure to put you in a sassy, romantic mood: "You are there when I'm a mess / Talk me down from every ledge / Give me strength, boy you're the best / You're the only one who's ever passed every test."

"Keeps Gettin' Better" From Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits

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Just the fact that "keeps gettin' better" is repeated throughout the song is enough to brighten your day and remind you that things really do get better. However, these lyrics stick out as some of the most fierce: "In the break of the night / In the speed of the light / I hold the universe up / I'll make the planets collide / When I strap on my boots / and slip into my suit / You'll see the vixen in me / Becomes an angel for you."

"Can't Hold Us Down" From Stripped

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Nothing screams "girl power" like Aguilera's hit track, "Can't Hold Us Down" from Stripped. This chorus is sure to amp you up: "This is for my girls all around the world / Who've come across a man who don't respect your worth / Thinking all women should be seen, not heard / So what do we do girls? / Shout louder!"

"Genie In A Bottle" From Christina Aguilera

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OK, my chosen lyric from this song is simply: "I'm a genie in a bottle / You gotta rub me the right way." This is due to the fact that every time this lyric is heard (Disclaimer: I have no scientific evidence back up the following fact, but I'm pretty sure I'm right), there is not a single person that can resist breaking out into the music video's genie dance. Seriously, though, is there any better way to brighten your day than doing the genie dance? I submit there is not.

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