11 Christina Aguilera "Keeps Gettin' Better" Music Video Moments You Totally Forgot, From Catwoman Superpowers To Dancing Robots

Christina Aguilera has become a master of versatility since rocking the music charts with her self-titled debut album, Christina Aguilera, in 1999. The platinum-haired pop queen has a vast roster of hit singles under her belt and never fails to supply us with equally addictive music videos to accompany those smash hits. One video that epitomized Aguilera's multifaceted style, "girl power" persona, and creative acumen was "Keeps Gettin' Better" from her 2008 album, Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade Of Hits. I remember how thrilled I was to have this hot, original track placed alongside ten years' worth of Aguilera favorites, and I still continue to place this song on repeat while attempting to get in "the zone" while jogging. Seriously, guys, "Keeps Gettin' Better" is the one thing to keep me from making yet another detour into my fave cafe after running less than a mile.

Exercise attempts aside, the message in both the song and video is extremely empowering. The lyrics speak on not only embracing the various facets of our personalities, but celebrating these complexities. Aguilera has never shied from speaking her mind and asserting herself as a confident woman who has come up against a lot throughout her career in the music industry. In order to pay proper accolades to Aguilera's unremitting empowerment and inspiration, let's take a look back at some of the things we may have forgotten from Aguilera's "Keeps Gettin' Better" music video.

Aguilera Plays 6 Different Versions Of Herself In The Video

Ever the chameleon, Aguilera plays several different versions of herself in the video — each one equally fierce. She sports a blue wig at one point and also revisits her epic Lady Marmalade coif with a platinum blonde fro to pair with her Catwoman persona.

She Operates A Control Panel To Create Her Different Personas

Aguilera operates a massive control panel to create each of her alternate personas throughout the video.

One Of Her Personas Totes A Large Camera, But Doesn't Take Any Pictures

There's a whole lot of pointing but zero shooting going on here. She's got that signature strut down to a science, though, so you don't really mind.

She Matches Her Outfit To The Foliage

One of Aguilera's characters rides her bicycle through a rainbow-hued field of flowers and she just so happens to be wearing a dress that perfectly matches the foliage. Talk about taking color coordination to the next level, amiright?!

A Little Robot Man Walks Around Aguilera's Control Panel

Peppered throughout the video is a little robot who walks jauntily around Aguilera's desk. How delightful!

This Fierce Blue Wig

I seriously am considering dying my hair blue based on this screenshot alone.

Catwoman Aguilera Shot Lightening Out Of Her Hands

Can this version of Catwoman please be made into a movie? And if it could be a musical version (hi, Burlesque) that would be great too.

Comic Book Graphics Play A Role Throughout The Video

Throughout the video, many of the characters appear to have come straight from the pages of Marvel comic books, making the superhero themes all the more on fleek.

This Happens...

Things get a bit radioactive at one point, as Aguilera becomes a menagerie of what appears to be the stuff that is used for X-ray imaging and is surrounded by metallic blobs. Was this an homage to The Secret World Of Alex Mack ? I hope so.

The Robot Mirrors Aguilera's Dance Moves At One Point

Granted, Aguilera's only dancing from the waist up at this point, but our little robot friend gives a pretty solid audition to be one of Aguilera's new backup dancers.

Oh, He's Still Dancing...

Seriously, Left Shark has nothing on this guy.

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