How To Cope With Waiting For 'Views From The 6'

Listen up, distressed Drake fans. No matter how tempting it may be to completely abandon all sense of normalcy, stability, and sanity for a life of strolling the streets mumbling incoherently about why Drake hasn't released Views From the 6 , I advise you to rethink this plan of action. Trust me when I say that approaching randos on the street or performing soliloquies in mall food courts won't get Drake to drop the album any sooner, so it's probably best you reserve your dignity and relax for a minute while I help you navigate this brief — albeit nerve-racking — bump in the road. (I mean, I kind of don't blame you for being anxious and angsty: it certainly didn't help matters when Drake teased Views From the 6 during his performance at the Governors Ball. )

First off, though, I need to you to start by accepting the fact that you're totally obsessed with Drake, and guess what — to a certain extent (a sane one, that is) that's perfectly OK. Don't be ashamed that you love Drake so much, you've changed your bedtime routine to counting Drizzy faces instead of sheep.

If you’re going totally bonkers waiting on Drake to drop his album, then keep hope alive and peruse the list below for a surefire way to not completely lose your mind while waiting on Views From the 6:

Go Running Through The 6 With Your Woes

In other words, if you're not already in Toronto, travel to Toronto and get in touch with your inner Drake fan. It's even more effective if you do this in the snow.

Try Calculating Drake's Net Worth

Actually, I am serious. On "All Me," Drake already told us he has no clue how much he's made (hint: It's a lot. He forgot). So go ahead and keep yourself otherwise occupied by trying to tally up Drake's not-so-young money.

Read Up On Toronto — Or Take A Trip There

Instead of moping about why Drake hasn't personally given us a musical tour of his wonderful hometown, consider researching it on your own, or booking a flight to see "The 6" in person.

Create An Original Drake Product

So, can we get a Drake selfie stick or nah? If that doesn't sound appealing, maybe one of these 18 Drake-inspired products will spark your creativity.

Figure Out Who Drake's Dating

I've tried and failed to keep up with Drizzy's ever-evolving love triangles but I just don't have the time or energy to invest. However, if you're currently spazzing out over the impending release of Views, you could pass the time by burying yourself in the archives of his love life, starting with the latest rumor of whether Drake and Shanina Shaik are a couple.

Write A Rap Using Jimmy Brooks' Degrassi Lines

If your rhyme is good enough, it might wind up on Views when it's finally released! Maybe. Probably not.

Try Predicting Views From The 6's Release Date

Long shot, I know. But, if Drake doesn't release the album on your pre-determined date, fret not — simply go to the top of this list and start again.

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