Kendall Jenner Go Lazy Girl Chic In NYC

Nothing says "lazy chic" more than forgoing bottoms and letting yourself be comfortable, yet stylish; and who better to give us the perfect lazy day look than a model who has definitely wowed on and off the red carpet all spring? Giving you yet another ensemble for your style inspo book, Kendall Jenner wore a sweatshirt dress in New York City yesterday, rocking a look that can only be described as lazy girl perfection.

Jenner sported an oversized, grey "Yeezus" tour sweatshirt (most likely free swag from the brother-in-law), that was long enough to be worn alone, so she could avoid pants and show off her legs effortlessly. Paired with black pointed heels, reflective Aviators, and a half-up bun, Jenner definitely gave us a true "model off duty" look — I mean, who else could so flawlessly pair stilettos with sweats? Genius.

Jenner has been giving us summer style-inspiring looks from her Topshop line with her sister Kylie, and her other street style appearances (crop top and culottes, anyone?), but this look is probably the most attainable to date. Because let's face it: We all have our lazy style days, and who doesn't love a great, oversized, comfy sweatshirt?

So, next time you just don't have it in you to put on a pair of pants (come on, we've all been there), take Jenner's look to heart, and just go with it.

Check out the model's epically lazy and fabulous look below:

Image: Getty Images; kendallite/Instagram