9 Times Katy Perry Made Us Super Jealous, From Gummy Bear Brigades To Dancing With Left Shark

If you're following Katy Perry on Instagram, then you're probably already aware that the "Roar" singer is having one of the best weeks ever. The pop star has been sharing photos of her sun-soaked trip to the Greek Islands, which include pictures of Perry posing on a balcony amidst a cerulean ocean backdrop, displaying her on fleek pedicure atop ocean stones, hanging out amongst a mountainous grecian landscape, and even a video of her cruising by a massive yacht. How is your day going?

Being the workaholic that Perry is, a trip of these proportions is most assuredly deserved. It hasn't been too long since she ended her Prismatic World Tour, and with Perry set to release a new album in 2016 (squee!), a reprieve seems necessary before getting back to the grind. Still, the aforementioned doesn't mean we can't get a little jealous of Perry's awesome vacay. Our favorite cupcake-bra-wearing singer clearly was having the time of her life based on the emojis accompanying each picturesque post, and captions like "Greece, it was love at first sight." I'm sure it was. Seriously, guys, where was my invite to this Mediterranean escape? Oh yeah, Perry doesn't know me. Nevermind. ICYMI, here are a few of the highlights:

This is far from the first time Perry has made us green with envy. Throughout her career, she's gotten to travel the world, battle an army of gummy bears (hi, "California Gurls"), and had the honor of dancing alongside the adonis that is known as Left Shark. For the love of living vicariously through others — and being OK with getting a little jealous — let's take a look at nine times we wanted to trade lives with Perry for a day.

1. That Time She Pulled Off This Look

I'd never be able to make this work, but somehow Perry was able to rock this.

2. That Time She Got To Dance In A West Coast Candy Land

California is awesome all on its own, but when you add a ton of candy-coated amenities, a gummy bear brigade, and Snoop Dogg, it becomes a total utopia. Perry got to rock out in such a wonderland in the music video for "California Gurls."

3. That Time She Went To Disneyland In Tokyo

Clearly, Perry knows how to vacation.

4. That Time She Got To Hang Out With A Tiger In "Roar"

I don't even own a house cat.

5. That Time She Got To Fly

Flying over an audience was one of many things that made us jealous during Perry's 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, but more on that in a bit.

6. Butters

This is Perry's dog, Butters, and I think it's safe to say we are all aching to play dog-sitter to this adorable pooch.

7. That Time She Had Delicious Museum-Flavored Wine

I'm sure it was aged, full-bodied, and had subtle notes of Michelangeo's David.

8. That Time She Got To Hang With Lady Gaga & Madonna

That is quite the trifecta.

9. Left Shark

The only thing better than being flanked by two dancing sharks during a Super Bowl Halftime performance is having one of those shark be the slap-happy Left Shark.

Seriously, Katy Perry, stop having so much fun all the time, it's making the rest of us jealous! Until we each get Left Sharks of our own, we'll have to live vicariously through the singer's amazing, crazy life.

Images: Katy Perry/Instgram (7); Giphy (4)