13 Artists Katy Perry Needs To Feature On Her Upcoming Album, From Britney Spears To Left Shark

It feels like a decade since Katy Perry released a new track (it actually hasn't been that long at all), and if you're like me, every day that a new Perry song graces our respective earbuds is a good one. Well, Perry fans, it won't be too long before a new collection of the "Roar" singer's candy-coated music is bestowed upon us, as it was recently announced that Perry will be releasing a new album in 2016 and OMG I am so excited! Seriously, guys, I'm crocheting a cupcake-shaped bra as I sit and breathe and JK — I have no idea how to crochet — but you get what I'm saying here. As pop queens go, Perry never fails to be on fleek with her addictive dance hits and empowering ballads.

Like any great artist, Perry has also been a part of some amazing collaborations. We all remember how awesome Juicy J's feature on "Dark Horse" infused the hit with that extra dose of awesome. And remember when Snoop Dogg was king of the gummy bear brigade (or something) in Perry's beachy Candy Land in "California Gurls"? Priceless. Perry can certainly rock a hot jam all by herself, but some collaborations are bound to make this upcoming album all the sweeter. Who should Perry choose? I have a few ideas that I believe we all can agree on.

Britney Spears

Duh. Who better to collaborate with than the reigning pop queen herself?

Christina Aguilera

Of course, Spears isn't the only reigning pop queen. Christina Aguilera not only has a powerful set of pipes, she's shared the mike with other artists like Lady Gag, A Great Big World, and more.

Lady Gaga

Speaking of Lady Gaga, let's throw her in the mix too.

Justin Timberlake

We haven't heard a new track from Justin Timberlake in a while and what better way for some sweet new Timberlake crooning to emerge than to have Perry in the mix as well? Plus, any time Timberlake opens his mouth, it makes my heart sing. Also his face — that makes my heart sing too.

John Legend

While Perry is known for her fast-paced jams, she has also delivered some stellar ballads that rocked the top of the charts. Who better to collaborate with than the ballad king himself? Seriously, all of me wants all of Legend's velvety voice on a Perry track.


There's been rumors floating around for a while that a Perry and Drake collaboration is in the works, so why not make this dream a reality?


Perry previously worked with Kanye West on "E.T.", so I'm sure Yeezus could help with a hookup and offer his blessing. We all know how much West loves Queen B being featured any day, all day.

Nicki Minaj

I feel like whenever Nicki Minaj is featured on a song, it turns out to be a hit about 100% of the time.

Meghan Trainor

Both these ladies know how to pack on the sass, so a collaboration would be explosive.

Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson has said before that she would like to do more duets, and she's become a seasoned pro. Plus, her inimitable pipes can turn any track into a hit.

The Weekend

Perry previously stated that "Often" by The Weekend was one of her favorite songs to listen to when having some...er...romantic time? She also clearly respects The Weekend as an artist, so a collaboration would be a dream come true for us and Perry.

Taylor Swift

I know they've been rumored to have "Bad Blood", but a feud has never been officially confirmed! Also, in case the rumors are true, this could be an opportunity to mend fences and provide us with the ultimate pop duet we so desperately need.

Left Shark

I'm not even sure if Left Shark can sing, but what does it even matter? Anything involving Left Shark is bound to be hilarious and a collaboration could mean a music video featuring many more of those sweet Left Shark dance moves.

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