7 'Saved By The Bell' Fashion Lessons That 'll Keep You Out Of Style Detention In 2015

If your dog ate all your style homework last night, do not fear. We will be looking back through time at some of the most stylish moments in Saved By The Bell fashion history. Let's take a moment to remember this iconic '90s show. I missed the original airing in 1989 (because it was released about a month before I was born), so when the re–runs came out in England (and I was old enough to watch and understand SBTB) I was absolutely in awe of these super cool teens who seemed so grown up. I silently vowed to fill my high school years with mischief and gags. This almost didn't happen as I was the eternal goody two–shoes, but luckily I had some mildly mischievous friends to occasionally veer me off the straight and narrow. My adolescent years would have been very bland without them.

I always pictured myself as a Kelly Kapowski kinda girl; a confident and popular cheerleader. In reality, I was probably more of a Jessie Spano/Lisa Turtle hybrid. During high school I would attempt to raise awareness of various worldly issues like Jessie; I converted to vegetarianism, printed out tonnes of flyers, and handed them out to students. My rebellious flame was promptly extinguished after it was politely requested during a school assembly that the student handing out flyers desist. My face has never been more scarlet.

Having studied Fashion Journalism at university I like to look back and picture myself as a Lisa Turtle, the fashion fountain of knowledge. But in all honesty it probably wasn't until my late teens that I truly educated myself on the ins and outs of the fashion industry. When I look back at pictures of my tween self and my skater kid phase, I cannot help but physically cringe.

So let's take some style lessons from the '90s fashion greats of Saved By The Bell so we can look back on the photos from 2015 grimace-free.

1. Keep It Co–Ordinated Like Kelly

Flaunting a fabulous, floral crop top and shorts set, Kelly shows us how to work co–ords. Co–ords are really fun and they are the perfect two piece for the long, hot summer. They can also come in different styles, ranging from crop top and shorts (as seen on Kelly), to long sleeved top and trousers, or even a blazer and skirt combo. The possibilities are (almost) endless! There are some awesome handmade styles on Etsy or if you fancy yourself as an aspiring seamstress, you could even work on your own unique version as your summer project. That way you'll ensure you'll never be caught wearing the same outfit as anyone else.

2. Nautical Stripes Are A Summer Staple

Nautical stripes always come back in fashion once the weather warms up, and 2015 has been no different. Sailor stripes evoke feelings of adventure and memories of vacations and day trips to the beach. There's something very summery and fresh about nautical stripes and their crisp, clean lines. With the 4th of July just around the corner, there's no better time to dig out your stripy attire.

3. Sporty Swimwear

Sporty swimwear is back in! This saucy little number with a zip down front is so on trend right now I could imagine it being sold on ASOS. Whether you fancy wearing it for doing a few lengths of the pool or just lounging around drinking cocktails, you'll look ready for anything this summer.

4. Think Pink Like Jessie

Show everyone you're one step ahead of the fashion crowd this summer in head to toe pink like Jessie. Pink is set to be huge this autumn/winter and is the shade to be seen in. Why not plan ahead and channel the Pink Ladies in this vivacious hue this season?

5. Vintage Cheerleader Style

If you're looking for alternative vintage apparel to wear this summer then take style inspiration from cheerleaders. Now I'm not talking the butt–skimming hot pants that make up the uniform of many modern cheer squads — although if the temperature rises, you might want to resort to a pair of short shorts. Instead I am talking about the pleated skirts, cute dresses, and emblem emblazoned outfits of vintage cheerleaders. Show the world that team spirit of yours!

6. Fashion Forward Workout Gear

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to wear your dad's old tees and a pair of old, moth bitten leggings to the gym. There's no excuse not to look stylish with the array of mega fashionable workout wear available on the market. The SBTB girls show us how it's done in matching sets complete with crop tops or leotards and of course, color co–ordinated leggings.

7. The Darling Dungaree Dress

Fashion savvy Lisa is seen here wearing a floral dungaree dress. If you're more of a shorts kind of gal, don't fret, any style of dungarees/overalls are a great way to look über cute and fun this summer. Dungaree shorts or even full length overalls will add a playful '90s flourish to your outfit. Plus they're super easy to wear and make for a fuss free outfit.

Ensure you stay out of fashion detention this summer and stick to this SBTB style guide.

Images: Peter Engel Productions; NBC Productions; Giphy (11)