Lena Dunham's Boyfriend Jack Antonoff Says He Probably Won't Be On 'Girls' & It's The Biggest Show Of Support He Could Give

One of the coolest things about Jack Antonoff's new docuseries, Thank You And Sorry , is how much it seems to reflect the Bleachers singer's real life. Not only are his live performances and real meetings with radio stations documented in the show, but there's also conversations with family members, tours of his childhood home, and cameos by his closest friends. In the series, everyone from Olivia Wilde to Mae Whitman makes an appearance; even Antonoff's girlfriend, Girls creator and author Lena Dunham, shows up for a few scenes. Seeing as Dunham also directed Antonoff's music video, "I Wanna Get Better," it seems like only a matter of time before the musician decides to return the favor and take part in his girlfriend's career, as well — will Antonoff ever appear on Girls?

"I don’t know," he admits, speaking to Bustle. "I don't know if I'm a good actor."

He isn't ruling it out completely, though, saying that it all depends on what Dunham thinks. Says the singer, "if she thought I could do it, then I’d consider it."

Still, he adds, laughing, "I definitely wouldn’t throw myself in the running."

Fair enough. While it'd certainly be fun to see Antonoff appear on Girls (the possibilities would be so good — Marnie's long-lost cousin? Hannah's dad's new boyfriend?), it's understandable that he's hesitant to expand his resume so drastically. It's also commendable; Antonoff is respecting that acting is Dunham's territory, and isn't trying to impede on it just for the sake of doing something together. If he really thought collaborating on Girls would be beneficial, he seems like he'd be game for the challenge, but he admits that it's not his forte, and is willing to back off. He understands that Girls, and acting, is his girlfriend's domain, not his, and although appearing on the show would certainly bring him added fame and probably be a fun opportunity, he gets that not everything he and Dunham do has to be together, nor should it.

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Antonoff letting Girls stay Dunham's area is just one of the many reasons that the duo make a perfect pair. They're both clearly smart, creative-minded people who value friendship and celebrate feminism; they've discussed marriage and kids, but seem content and settled being the committed dog-owners they are; and, most importantly of all, they support and truly value each other's work. During their three years together, the couple have stood by each other's sides through stick and thin, whether it was Antonoff defending Dunham's nudity on Girls or Dunham expressing her pride over Antonoff's songs with Taylor Swift. Time and time again, they've shown true care for each other, and seem like one of the most stable, happy, and healthy couples in Hollywood.

If Antonoff does ever decide to give acting a try, I do hope he gives Girls a shot; it would be fun to see him and Dunham together onscreen, showing off the chemistry that makes them so great a couple in real life. But if not, it's okay. Clearly, his reluctance is not about a lack of desire to work with Dunham, but about the respect he has for her and her work — and there's not much cooler than a guy who gives his girlfriend the space and regard she deserves.

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