7 Christina Aguilera GIFs That’ll Motivate You When Coffee Just Isn't Enough

Let's face it: coming off of a weekend of sweet reprieve can be tough. Regardless of your field of work, we can all enter weeks with a dreaded case of the Mondays, where no amount of trips to your office's Keurig machine can seem to quell the yearning for Saturday night's splendor. It doesn't mean that you're a bad worker or that every week is going to feel as sluggish as this one, but we all go through it. Perhaps you're not particularly wistful for the weekend, but you have a big meeting coming up or a project you're unsure how to tackle. No matter what the reason is, we all need some motivation here and there to get through the work week. Lucky for you, I have come up with a solution that is sure to ameliorate some of the woes that can be attached to the 40-hour grind.

This may surprise you, but pop singer and The Voice coach, Christina Aguilera, can be the perfect way to pacify stress from the hodgepodge that is your workload. More specifically, the plethora of Aguilera GIFs available throughout the internet can offer an instant gratification that will enigmatically turn Mondays into Fun-Days. For your convenience — and because we've got a little ways to go before Friday — I have selected nine delightful Aguilera GIFs that are sure to motivate you through the week. Enjoy!

This One To Remind You TGIF Is On The Horizon

The weekend is going to get here, guys, I promise.

This One For When You're Unsure How To Tackle A New Project

Remember to trust your gut...and also run things by your boss before making any major moves.

This One For When You Nail That Presentation

You're awesome! You will get a promotion and easy access to the cappuccino machine in no time! You can also use this before making a big presentation to imagine what the reactions will/should be.

This One For Those Days Where Everything Follows Murphy's Law

Aguilera knows that feel, bro.

This One To Breed Hope That This Week Is Also Someone's Birthday

Nothing can turn a frown upside-down than free cake in the break room.

This One To Avoid Becoming Hangry

I will be the first to admit that I am not a morning person. Back when I had to set three alarms to wrench myself awake by 7 a.m. — and subsequently hit "snooze" about eight times — breakfast would sometimes fall by the wayside. I learned quickly about the dangers of being hangry, and that there's nothing worse than having to nosh on vending machine snacks until the utopia known as the "lunch break" finally rolls around. This GIF shows Aguilera getting her morning started right, leaving her blissfully un-hangry.

This One To Deal For When You Have An Excruciatingly Long Meeting

Whether you're worried that you'll accidentally end up zoning out during that huge meeting with corporate, or just in a position where you're privy to "one hour meetings" dragging on into the night, this GIF can motivate you to hope that something exciting may happen even during the most sluggish of meetings.

This One For When You've Been Sitting All Day & Fear For Your Circulation

After sitting at a desk for several hours, we all need to stretch or take a walk to get the blood flowing. This GIF can motivate you to take a brief reprieve to walk around the office, pull out some stealth yoga moves in the confines of your cubicle, and/or duck into that one restroom no one ever uses to break out into this dance from "Genie In A Bottle."

This One To Remind You Of Your Awesomeness

Fight on, fighter! The weekend is around the corner and — until then — just keep being your fabulous self.

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