When Will 'Finding Carter' Season 2 Return? You Have Some Time To Get Over That Paternity Bombshell

Let's be totally honest here — every Finding Carter fan is in denial that there won't be a new episode on Tuesday night. But, alas, last Tuesday's Finding Carter finale was the last episode of everyone's favorite MTV drama series for awhile. (Excuse me while I go sob into an industrial-sized bucket of croutons.) After the midseason finale ended by revealing that Lori and David are Benjamin Wallace's parents on Finding Carter , you were probably screaming at your television, begging for more, while simultaneously cursing Lori for not letting the Wilsons live. There are so many questions still to be answered — the most important of which revolves around whether or not Lori will actually be released from the psychiatric facility. So, when does Finding Carter Season 2 return? [UPDATE: Deadline reports that Finding Carter will return Oct. 6.]

There's good news and GREAT news. The good news is that MTV ordered an additional 12 episodes of Finding Carter Season 2 back in May and revealed that they would air "later this year." As for the great news, we now know for sure that Finding Carter Season 2 will return in October with the aforementioned new episodes. So, it looks like we'll have just the right amount of time to obsess over and theorize about the series' latest paternity bombshell and to come to terms with our feelings about Lori throwing yet another wrench into the Wilsons' happy family reunion.

But, what will we do between now and October? Well, I'll be rewatching Season 2 in hopes of finding another extremely obvious foreshadowing:

And practicing my best "OMG," of course.

Image: MTV