Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac Are Super Cute

Well, this really comes as a shock to me, because I like to think of myself the all-knowing celebrity dating guru, but.... Peeta is dating someone?! Granted, he has been keeping things pretty quiet, but it seems like Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac are pretty serious, and they are both finally opening up about their relationship to the press. At the premiere for their upcoming film Escobar: Paradise Lost, Hutcherson shared with E! News, "Distance is hard, but we make it work... I'm really happy. It's really great."

Many fans have been doing detective work to figure out the status of this couple, ever since the two co-stars were caught sneaking in a kiss way back in 2013, which was around when they finished filming their soon-to-be release movie. There were not many signs pointing to a clear "yes, they're dating", considering they are both relatively quiet on social media, but their efforts worked and they seem super happy now.

In that spirit, since Hutcherson and Traisac are happily in love, I scoured the web for some of their adorable moments together. (Also because I am nosey and love to see a cute couple in love.)

1. When Fans Got Their First Sighting

2. When They Laughed Together

3. When They Drank Beer & Snuggled

4. When He Talked About Their Insane Chemistry On Screen

5. When This Really Sweet Fan Made Video Happened

6. When Josh Hung Out With Her Friends In Spain

7. When They Wore Matching Plaid Shirts

8. When They Shared Private Moments On The Red Carpet

Now that they're openly speaking about each other, maybe they'll start sharing some pics of their own!