Disney Princesses As Velociraptors Are So Kickass

If you looked up #SquadGoals in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would just be Taylor Swift's Instagram. Only in this past week when we all saw Jurassic World were we forced to reevaluate our life and times, because Chris Pratt's velociraptor squad is as squad as squad gets. (Do you want to punch me for saying squad yet?) For any of us who were on the fence on the great Swift versus velociraptors debate, artist Lauren Cooper has created velociraptor Disney princesses that just tipped the scale in prehistoric favor. Sorry, Tay-Tay. They are the alpha now.

Let it be known that 2015 was the year that we society was finally ready to accept the velociraptor princess. I'm so proud of how far we have come. Some of these fairy tales were in desperate need of an update, and clearly these velociraptors don't need no man to make their carnivorous dreams come true. THIS is what little girls need to be aspiring to! Eating the rotted flesh of terrified human beings is so much more realistic and fulfilling than owning a pair of comfortable glass slippers, anyway.

"Unlike the movie (Jurassic Park/World) I used princess DNA along with frog DNA," Cooper told Bustle. Hopefully this means we don't have to worry about them escaping and eating up and island of people anytime soon. I applaud Cooper and her dedication to making sure the next generation of girls has modern feminist heroes they can really look up to. Here are a few of the Disney princesses who got a much needed upgrade:





Anna and Elsa




Snow White


See, ladies? You don't have to compromise your dinosaur side to be a Disney princess anymore. Bless us all, every one. Cooper told Bustle she was honored by the attention her raptors have received, and plans to roll out more art soon. To see the awesome things she has already done, visit Lauren Cooper's website and support her on Patreon.

Images: Courtesy of Lauren Cooper