13 People Share Their Worst Dates Ever

I don’t think anyone exists who has not had a good bad date story at some point. Whether someone picked spinach out of their teeth (a few minutes in, no less—it was just an appetizer!), looked at themselves in the mirror the whole time (their seat was facing it, but still), or gasped when the check arrived and suggested we split it (he chose the place, btw, and all we had was pizza and Cokes; a “drinks date” in L.A. would have been more expensive!), bad dates happen to the best of us. Sometimes, they’re even televised (like the time I was on that show, Blind Date , but that’s another story.) Of course, the worst is that the people in question think their behavior is normal and think nothing of their none-too-impressive behavior.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a lot to ask that the above guys refrain from the above, especially on our first meeting. However, what happened to common, everyday manners?! Before you can get to semi-serious or serious seeing-the-same-person-consistently dating, you have to survive a plethora of a thousand bad dates, the kind that make you lose faith in dating. Is there ANYONE normal left out there?! Think they only happen to you? Nope! You are not alone!

While some people fall in love at first sight, others fall in disgust at first sight. But, the good news is, eventually we have a GREAT date—and then see that person again and have another great date and, before we know it, we’re dating them exclusively and telling everyone we met the one.

So, if you think you've had the worst date ever, check out some that Bustle readers had.

1. Kate, 26

“I was on a blind date with this AWFUL guy. He was rude to the waitress and made comments about my order. I was so ready to go home, so I texted my friend under the table about what an asshole the guy was. Turns out I sent it to him on accident! He saw the text and stormed away from the table as soon as the food arrived. The waitress snuck me out the back door of the restaurant and I never saw the guy again!”

2. Jennifer, 38

I went on an online date and I happened to have my laptop computer out because I thought he wouldn't show up. He showed up and immediately spilled hot tea and broke my computer, which ended up costing almost $1,000 to fix. He said he would pay for half, but instead changed his mind and said, ‘If you want my money, sue me.’ So I did. I ended up getting my half.”

3. Teresa, 40

On a first date with Jeff, he offered to pick me up—which was odd to begin with because we lived in NYC and it's normal and practical to just jump in a cab to meet. When he picked me up in his Porsche, I realized he really just wanted to show off his car (ugh) and that I was now his captive. Instead of going out as we'd discussed, he said we'd go back to his place to order in, watch a movie, and just get to know each other. OK, sounded fine. Back at his place, not more than two minutes after we sat on the couch, he had his arms around me, pulling me to him and puckering up. When I pushed him away, he asked if, because I had him ‘so hot,’ I minded if he ‘pleasured himself.’ Not sure what he had in mind and wanting him away from me, I said, ‘Sure.’ Up to his loft bed he went and, a few minutes later, I heard him moaning. What? Then he returns down the stairs wiping his hands on a towel. EWWWW! I told him the date was over and got the hell OUT OF THERE!”

4. Eva, 28

“A few years ago, I got a message from my buddy Greg, asking me if I wanted to get dinner. Intrigued, I said yes, and told him to meet me at my place at 7. When 6:30 rolled around (!!!), I heard a knock on my door. It was... *a* Greg. Just not the one I thought it would be. I thought it was a little rude of him to show up so early, but agreed to grab a sandwich with this guy, anyway—then I instantly updated his contact info to ‘WRONG Greg.’”

5. Mia, 32

I tried my hand at online dating after countless months of persuasion from my friends. This was the biggest mistake ever and, after this date, I vowed to never do it again. I met a guy for coffee and it started out all wrong when he came in about 20 minutes after having me play the waiting game. He then made the comment of just ‘wanting to see me get up so he could see what my ass looked like,’ on top of having a weird obsession with credit scores and feet! It went from bad to worse (yes, it was possible) and, needless to say, that was our first—and last—date.”

6. John, 59

“I am supposed to meet someone for a blind date at a restaurant that they recommended. When I get to the restaurant, I discover it is closed, and has been for a month. My date never shows up. I got some lame excuse afterwards. Needless to say, there was never a ‘second’ date.”

7. Megan, 26

So I went out with this guy last year, we'll call him Matt. Matt and I knew one another in high school (he dated a friend of mine) and decided to reconnect. We talked on the phone the night before to make sure it wouldn't be awkward, and that went great! The actual date was the scary part. I decided to meet Matt at a bar on my way home from work. It started out normally enough: pleasantries about our day and catching up. That's when he started throwing some curve balls at me. His line of questioning started to go from casual small talk to very personal stuff, like ‘Are you into hair pulling?’ and ‘Do you like dirty talk?’ After he told me to drink up because he was ‘trying to get me drunk,’ I knew he only wanted sex and I had to get out of there. After an awkwardly forced (and gross) goodbye kiss, I sped home. I've gotten texts from him from time to time—only because he ‘wants a physical relationship’ with me. What a creep!”

8. Dan, 34

“Las Vegas. Because I had knew a host at the Tropicana, I had a beautiful suite, free meals and a limousine at my disposal. I met a girl at a bar and asked her out to lunch the next day and she said yes. I picked her up in the limousine. When the door opened, I realized I had made a horrible mistake. I wanted to run back to the limousine and jump in and tell the driver to run away as fast as possible, but I didn't. We went to eat at the hotel, then I dropped her back at her place. Not only was she nowhere near as attractive as I thought she was the night before (and I don't drink), we had absolutely nothing in common, and it was a horrible date.”

9. Katherine, 25

“I was on a blind date and I wasn't into the guy at all. We met up with my friends and played laser tag and he kept trying to kiss me during the game. On the way home, he asked why I wasn't into him. I awkwardly tried to explain away that I wasn't looking for anything serious. He started muttering to himself about how he should have listened to his mom and how all women were ‘witches.’ I was totally freaked out and then he stopped the car and made me get out. Before I was out of the car, he pulled away and I fell on the street, scraping my knee. I walked a mile home, but dodged a future serial killer.”

10. Wendy, 47

“Was supposed to be just drinks. He showed up 20 years older than he said he was on his profile, ordered dinner, and then said: ‘Can I tell you how I injured myself?’ ‘Sure.’ (How bad could it be?) ‘Are you sure?’ (My clue to not press further.) ‘Sure I’m sure.’ (I wasn’t sure.) ‘I was in a motorcycle accident last week,’ he said. ‘Something happened in my groin area, and well… all the blood rushed to my Johnson. So I’ve had an erection since Friday. It won’t go away. I’ve been to the hospital, and they are talking about surgery but it’s risky. I don’t want to attempt that for at least a month. I want to see if it will heal on its own.’ (Fair enough.) He continued, ‘The good news about it is, I would be a fun time in the sack right now. It would be like I was on Viagra—it won’t go down, no matter what.’ ‘So this is happening to you right now?’ I asked. ‘Yes.’ (Pause.) ‘Thank you for such a generous offer,’ I finally settled on, ‘but I need to decline.’ The check came to him. I politely asked, ‘May I help?’ ‘Yes, $30, please,’ he said. A quick calculation and a stolen glance at the check revealed that amount was double the cost of what I’d had.”

11. Meghan, Then-24

“About 20 years ago, I was on a movie date. During the movie, I had a seizure. I don't remember the end of the movie, but barely remember him taking me to his car to take me home. Let's just say, not the way I wanted that date to go! (I am now a 29-year epilepsy veteran and founder of Epilepsy Education Everywhere.)”

12. Jerome, 41

“I met a guy on and he initially told me in his ad that he was divorced, wanted to have kids, and was bisexual. After I dated him for several months, it turned out that he was still married, living with his wife, had two kids, and was bipolar.”

13. Sivan, 24

Oh man... do I have bad date stories! Here's the most recent one though. I met up with a 31-year-old from JSwipe, and it was the worst date of my life. First of all, he was 5’4” and had the biggest Napoleon complex. He told me about his recent engagement, which was broken off, and then proceeded to tell me about all the women he used to f*ck in Miami. As the date went on, he proceeded to put down my life choices (living at home/saving up money, commuting to work, etc.), stating that, ‘You're a cute girl. I'm sure you'll find a man with a house that will take care of you.’ After I refused a second drink (I needed to get out of there!), he called me a PUSSY! Ugh. I finally got out of there and he somehow thought I was interested and texted me the next day—to which I responded, ‘I'm really not interested and, I'm sorry, it has nothing to do with your height. I think you're a dick.’”

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