11 Fourth Of July Hairstyles From Instagram That Are All The Red, White, And Blue Inspo You'll Ever Need

Deciding on an outfit for the 4th of July is hard enough, but when it comes to 4th of July hairstyles, that's another kettle of fish altogether! You may have found the perfect pair of patriotic shoes and picked your favorite Independence Day makeup look but what about your hair? Your hairstyle could make or break your entire 4th of July look, so you're going to want to make sure your barnet is looking beautiful.

I've scoured Instagram to find an array of styles that will have you looking like the epitome of "red, white, and blue" and patriotically on point. There are lots of ideas to help you with color inspiration, starry styles, or if you don't want to commit, there are even non–permanent 'dos you can experiment with. Although I would have to say, the bolder the style, the better, and some of these ladies have taken big color gambles that have definitely proved worth the risk.

With such bright colors, it may be a good idea to consult your hairdresser or even go to the salon for the professionals to work their magic, as there are a couple of these I certainly wouldn't want to try at home. However, if you see yourself as a savvy stylist, you go for it girl!

Discover your perfect, patriotic hairstyle, just in time for the big day!

1. The Red Hair With Blue Streaks

Can't make up your mind on whether you want to go for scarlet or blue locks? You don't have to just pick one shade as this coordinated lady shows us. Accessorize your look with a flag bandana and a red lip and you'll be good to go!

2. The Daring Half & Half

If you've got the guts, why not go for a striking half and half 'do like the brave Teela Olivia? Pair with a winged cat eye and blue eyeshadow to complete your look.

3. Short But Sweet

Brit of "born2cutt" proves that short haired gals can join in on the color fun too! Her red, white, and, blue 'do looks awesome on her short pixie cut.

4. The Commitment Free Style

Are you afraid to commit when it comes to your luscious locks? Never fear, hair chalks are here to save the day! "Stephi_larsonstylist" proves that everyone can achieve colored hair, even if you only want it for a few days.

5. The Red, White & Blue Waves

I am absolutely loving this creative red, white, and blue curly style by Noel of "hairbynoel." It's so clever how she's incorporated the blue and red dyes while also allowing the white to shine through. Genius!

6. The Blue Hair & Red Hat Combo

If you have your heart set on one particular color, use accessories in another patriotic shades to finish your 4th of July look.

7. The Red & Blue Undercut

This colorful undercut style is really edgy and perfect for anyone who is looking for an alternative hairstyle this Independence Day.

8. The Dramatic Flag Style

This is a brave and bold hairstyle and I love it! Not only is it a half and half look but it also comes complete with stars — a very dramatic look that is sure to turn heads.

9. The Subtle Starry Style

This subtle style has got me starry eyed. Use your hair as a canvas and decorate your barnet with tiny stars to pull off a truly patriotic and pretty look this year.

10. The Superhero Style

This look, aptly named "Spider Man Hair," by hairstylist Alicia Bieber is the perfect choice for superhero fans this 4th of July and beyond.

11. The Red & Blue Ribbon Braids

If you like your natural color and don't fancy dyeing your hair this 4th of July, you can add color into your locks in other ways. Take, for instance, this beautiful braid style that is made vibrantly vivid with the addition of red and blue ribbons.

Images: jmedoeshair, tellli, born2cutt, stephi_larsonstylist, hairbynoel, itsnole, 5kye4lexandra, curtdarlingsalon, willowannemakeup, hellokitty182, braidsandstyles12/Instagram