The 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast As Kids, Way Before They Were Being Tortured By Big "A" — PHOTOS

If you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars, then there's no doubt that every Tuesday (and every other day of the week) you're constantly theorizing about Charles DiLaurentis, the A-team, who's good, who's bad, and thinking about how the show continuously takes up a good amount of your time — not to mention pondering why Caleb River's hair is amazing. With that said, rather than focusing on all of the craziness the drama delivers every week, let's focus on something a bit lighter by going back to a time before the cast of Pretty Little Liars were famous — and being tortured by Big "A".

There's no doubt that Hanna, Caleb, Aria, Ezra, Spencer, Toby, Emily, Alison, and every other character on the show are beautiful individuals. Did you know they've always been adorable? That's right, when this gang was little, well, they were quite cute and probably stealing the hearts of many, just like they do on PLL. From Ashley Benson being a child model to Ezra's fashion sense to Toby's hair to Ali stealing the spotlight as a kid, these talents were pretty much taking the world by storm before entering the creepy town of Rosewood.

Here's the cast when they were a bunch of adorable kids.

Ashley Benson

Hanna's always been gorgeous — and loving fashion.

Tyler Blackburn

Caleb had blond hair! I repeat, Caleb had blond hair!

Lucy Hale

Baby Aria with her dad. Uh-dorable.

Ian Harding

Wow. Ezra, those shorts look good on you.

Troian Bellisario

Spencer being classy — as always, except for when she's rummaging through the garbage.

Keegan Allen

Look at that hair. Little Toby is giving Caleb a run for his money.

Shay Mitchell

Before becoming a swimmer, Emily loved to ride horses.

Sasha Pieterse

Ali definitely stunned at a young age.

Janel Parrish

This was Mona being all cute, before she declared herself as the original "A".

Now all I need is to sit down with each of their families and go through old photo albums. Who's with me?