Get a Plushie Purse A La Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman is just one of those people who's simply awesome. You know what I mean? Just everything she does is cool — I mean, have you seen her take on Eff, Marry, Kill with the cast of Friday Night Lights? How about that time she IG'd a snap of herself with Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham? She's just kind of epic — and, as fate would have it, that intrinsic sense of awesomeness also happens to carry over into her personal style. She pretty much always looks fab (personally, I'm still not over her Rachel Antonoff "boob" suit), and the latest addition to her wardrobe might just be best of all: Her Parenthood sibling/roommate/BFF Miles Heizer gifted Whitman a plushie purse for her birthday... and it's very covetable.

First off, it's a pink bunny. That alone makes it nearly unimpeachable as a fashion accessory. Add that to the fact that it's got sparkly green eyes, and an equally sparkly crystal strap, and you've got yourself some sartorial gold — it got me like a moth to the flame, and as soon as I saw it I immediately began scouring the Internet, because seriously, look at the thing:

Alas, my search came up empty-handed, so I'm guessing either Heizer made the accessory himself, or he got it custom-made somewhere. That said, I still managed to dig up some purses with a similarly playful vibe! So if you've always yearned to use a plush toy (or something plush toy-adjacent) for a carry-all, read on!

Panda Plush Purse

If this panda looks familiar, it's likely because its a refurbished pillow pet.

Comfy Panda Backpack, $20, Dolls Kill

Googly-Eyed Clutch

Now, here's a fun option if you want a get a little more abstract with the whole plushie purse idea.

Skinnydip Bonnie Faux Fur Clutch Bag, $46, ASOS

Googly-Eyed Backpack

Going along with the same theme, Topshop also offers a few googly-eyed bags, both in backpack form...

Faux Fur Face Drawstring Backpack, $35, Top Shop

Googly-Eyed Clutch

... and clutch form.

Topshop Faux Fur Clutch, $35, Nordstrom

Feathered Purse

And if you simply want to go with something completely un-anthropomorphized (yet still delightfully fluffy), this feathery crossbody bag might be just the thing.

'Zeb' Feather Crossbody Bag, $58, Nordstrom

Images: Courtesy Brands