What Is Joe Giudice's Reality Show About? 6 Predictions For The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Family's New Gig

As we all know, life goes on, but I can't think of a better situation to apply that statement to than Joe Giudice's reality TV special. While his wife Teresa serves a 15-month prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion, Giudice has continued to roll with the reality TV punches by landing his own show on Bravo. According to Us Weekly's exclusive announcement that filming has begun, the hour-long special doesn't have a title as of yet, but it's set to air sometime in the fall and will follow the lives of Giudice and the couple's four daughters. There’s also a possibility for the reality TV family to land additional episodes, but that’s likely dependent upon how viewers respond to the initial show, which I predict is the Giudices’ not-so-thinly-veiled attempt at getting back in the public’s good graces.

Anyone remotely familiar with The Real Housewives of New Jersey or the Giudices' list of federal convictions already realizes that Joe has certainly worked hard both on and off the show to earn his reputation as one of reality TV's most terrible people. That said, he has some serious ground to cover if he wants anyone to believe that he’s not as awful as he’s already portrayed himself to be. I’m not entirely sure this special can accomplish that, but I do have a few predictions for what it might entail:

A Recap of the Events

And by events I mean, the Giudices' separate prison sentences that spawned this reality TV special in the first place. Although Teresa and Joe failed to explain themselves during their post-sentencing Watch What Happens Live interview with Andy Cohen, I suspect this special will include more mumbling and fumbling over their words, instead of them actually owning up to their wrongdoings.

Nonstop Sass From Milania

Honestly, watching Milania terrorize the Giudice household will probably be the special's only redeeming factor.

A Phone Call From Teresa

Obviously, Teresa won't be making any appearances but viewers should definitely expect to see her check up on her darling daughters by phone, at least.

Joe Attempting To Ham it Up For the Cameras

Other than showing off his killer split moves from back in the day and grunting the occasional joke on RHONJ, Giudice wasn't exactly the Mr. Personality of Househusbands. But seeing as how the tide has turned, I fully predict he'll at least try to present a more likeable version of himself.

Screen Time For Gia's Girl Group

Since there's been no further developments on Gia filming a reality show, I totally foresee her making an appearance with her 3KT girl group members, even though I cannot even handle her as a pop star.

An Appearance By Teresa's Brother aka The Other Joe

Despite their tense relationship, I'm hoping that the two Joes have somehow managed to put their differences aside for the girls' sake, but only time will tell.Images: Giphy (6)