'Southern Charm' Season 3 Needs To Make These 4 Cast Members Full-Time, Because Kensington's Face Makes Everything Better

It's been mere weeks since Southern Charm wrapped its second season, and I'm already experiencing withdrawals. Unfortunately, Southern Charm has yet to be renewed for Season 3, but that's definitely not going to stop me from making a wish list about it anyway. I want more Cameran and her sassy commentary on how ridiculous everyone around her is, I want a lot less T-Rav, because I'm so tired of looking at his face, and I want the show to feature a few of the background characters a bit more prominently. Let's face it: The show so easily makes it seem like everyone in their social circle has a glowing personality and a effortless sense of humor, so I want to get to know these people better. If Season 3 happens, there are definitely certain recurring Southern Charm cast members who need to be featured full-time.

Not that there's anyone I want replaced — except for T-Rav, because like I said before, I'm tired of his face and his lies. I just want more of the people who prove they're totally main cast-worthy. I'm not saying that Bravo has to make every episode two hours long to accommodate the new cast or anything — well, actually, that's not such a bad idea.

So, Bravo, if you're reading this: Two hour episodes and an upgrade for the following people, please and thank you.

1. Michael

Yes, Michael, Patricia Altschul's butler who apparently follows her around to make her drinks everywhere she goes. What's his story? I want to know everything. How did he come to be a master mixologist who spends his days crushing Patricia's ice by hand? Certainly there's something interesting there. What about his childhood?

2. Kensington

I realize Kensington isn't featured much yet because she is a baby and she can only poop and sleep, but she's getting closer and closer to toddlerdom, and my goodness is she beautiful. Being that I can't get enough of Kathryn's Instagram posts that feature her, I'm definitely going to need more of her on the actual show. She's precious!

3. Cooper Ray

Landon's designer friend is sassy, well-dressed, and writes books — do I even need to go any further to explain why we need more of him on Southern Charm? I would also like him as my personal stylist, but I have a feeling I can't afford him.

4. Jennifer Snowden

Just for the drama, guys. And, also because so much of what we see of Kathryn's life on the show has to do with her new motherhood or her relationship with Thomas, so I'd love to see more of her friends and who she actually is as a person, because I have a feeling she's super fascinating. Besides, Jennifer seems to get along with the rest of the cast, so why hasn't she been featured more prominently yet? Hopefully Season 3 answers all of my wishes, starting with it's actual existence.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo