Ariana Grande Supports Marriage Equality On Her Birthday & 5 Times She Made A Statement With Her Fashion

Today is officially the “best birthday yet” for Ariana Grande. Not only does the singer get to celebrate turning 22 today, she’ll also be celebrating marriage equality! Best birthday yet, indeed. Ariana Grande supports marriage equality and frequently makes a statement with her clothing choices, using fashion to showcase what she really cares about. Since marriage equality is definitely at the top of her list, I’m just dying to see what she’ll wear to celebrate.

Whether she’s standing up for women's rights, gay rights, or animal rights, Grande isn’t afraid to speak her mind — and her fashion choices are no exception. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not (do people who don’t like her music actually exist?) you’ve got to love her bold style and the fact that she takes a stand for what she believes in (while looking really adorable, natch).

So, happy birthday to Ariana Grande! I really can't think of a better way to celebrate than by showing five times her fashion has made a statement, in more ways than one. Here’s to you girl! Thanks for always speaking (wearing) your mind!

See five times fashion and advocacy have collided in the singer’s wardrobe:

1. Pro Choice

Grande takes a stand for herself and for women everywhere with this t-shirt. And this look really says it all.

2. Body Posi

She's owning her body and being super positive in this graphic sweatshirt. I just love that!

3. Ladies First

Repin' Chanel in this look, Grande's once again speaking out for the ladies! Preach it, sister!

4. Animals

She pays her respect to animals in this tee. Thanks for not being as crappy as most people, you adorable animals.

5. Self Love

Her most iconic look of all she's definitely not afraid to be herself and do what she wants — like rock a pair of cat ears all year long. You do your thing, girl! (I know you will!)

Stay tuned to see how Ariana Grande shows her pride! I hope her birthday outfit is rainbow perfection.