Most Personal Celeb Reactions To Marriage Equality

Many people across the country, and really, the world, are celebrating the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality in any way that they can — be it on the streets, their homes, or on social media. And, as to be expected, some of our favorite celebrities have joined in on the jubilation right along with them. Whether these celebrities identify as gay themselves, are overjoyed for friends and family members that are, or are just merely supporters of marriage equality and equality for all, they have proven that they all have something quite touching and profound to say about it.

It’s without a doubt an emotional and historic day, and so many celebrities have offered their words of happiness, encouragement, pride, and support that will certainly be remembered for years to come. And the celebrities listed below in particular have shared very personal messages about SCOTUS' ruling. Of course, some witty celebs, like Lena Dunham, showed their excitement over the news with cheeky, biting humor. I mean, is there a better way to prove your happiness than with a little laughter? Yeah, I don’t think so, either.

Here are 14 special and incredibly personal tweets about the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling that are sure to make your otherwise heavy heart very happy and light.

1. Portia de Rossi

What a breathtakingly beautiful photo.

2. Samira Wiley

What's more impressive than a parent who preaches acceptance? One that knows how to properly use emojis.

3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


4. Lena Dunham

Let it be known that Dunham offered many different words of love and encouragement in honor of the ruling, but this tweet may have been the best of all.

5. Lance Bass

Gorgeous pictures, and those rings... HOLY MOLY.

6. Sir Ian McKellen

Does it get more adorable than this?!

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Simple but so sweet.

8. Neil Patrick Harris

Huzzah, for sure.

9. George Takei

You can say that again!

10. Sia

Pointing out those who deserve major credit.

11. Aubrey Plaza

A very happy birthday for her.

12. Lea DeLaria

A little excitement never hurt anybody.

13. Tyler Oakley


14. But Really, We Should All Hop On The Sam Smith Emojis Of Happiness Parade

You rock, Sam Smith.

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