An Adele Song For Each Stage Of Your Break-Up

by Tracy Dye

When it comes to breakup songs, Grammy-winning singer, Adele, is a bonafide master of dispensing tracks that hurt so good. If you were going through a breakup when her 2011 album, 21, was released, there's a good chance that you paired your tear-laden ice cream sessions with repeated listens of "Someone Like You." I know that feel, guys — trust me. Unless you're one of the lucky people to go through one of those impossibly amicable breakups that leave you feeling nothing but relief, ending a relationship majorly sucks. Even when you're the one to initiate the split, cutting ties with someone you've vested time creating an intimate bond with can feel completely debilitating. As with any source of grief, a breakup is bound to spur an array of emotions, ranging from anger, to sadness, to denial, and everything in between. Lucky for you, for every stage of a breakup, there tends to be an Adele song that can perfectly articulate what you're feeling. Whether you're tempted to pore over your ex's Twitter account (don't do that), are considering a reconciliation (probably a bad idea), or simply need to belt our "Rolling In The Deep" in favor of leaving an irate voicemail, Adele has several songs that make for the perfect catharsis.

Let's promptly unfollow our exes on social media, and take a look at seven Adele songs to help you get through a breakup.

Stage 1: "Rolling In The Deep"

The first few days (weeks, months) after a breakup can be jolting. In order to fight the urge to leave a plethora of angry voicemails and stalk your new ex's social media feeds ad nauseam, belt out "Rolling In The Deep" as a more productive catharsis.

Stage 2: "Don't You Remember"

After the initial outrage over a breakup has ensued, it usually dissolves into sadness and — if you're like me — a craving for ice cream and pinot noir. Adele gets it, hence the above track. You may feel the urge to beg your lost love to take you back at this stage, reflecting on all the good times and glossing over the bad. REMEMBER TO RESIST!

Stage 3: "Set Fire To The Rain"

OK, you're angry again; this is completely normal. The good thing about this stage is that we've now moved on from glossing over all the reasons you two broke up in the first place. This song is the perfect track for when you reflect with ire on the time that your former bae proved to be a terrible match for you. P.S. Don't actually set fire to anything. I'm pretty sure Adele was being metaphorical.

Stage 4: "Turning Tables"

OK, you're sad again — but a different kind of sad. During your introspection, you've taken note of all the signs you may have ignored before the relationship was dismantled. You're getting closer to being able to let go.

Stage 5: "Rumor Has It"

Apparently you weren't able to resist poring over your ex's social media feeds and have started checking in with mutual friends on what he/she has been up to. Rather than whip out your phone and text your ex (why haven't you deleted their number yet?!) with a barrage of questions, embed yourself in Adele's sassy "Rumor Has It." The closing line, "Rumor has it he's the one I'm leaving you for," tends to be particularly helpful.

Stage 6: "Someone Like You"

Oomph. You've been doing pretty good until you get slapped with the news that your ex has started seeing somebody. Awesome. Even after you've made peace with a breakup, seeing an ex move forward with someone else before you have can be heart-wrenching. "Someone Like You" is ideal for these types of moments and for reminding yourself that your ideal partner simply hasn't made their appearance yet — but they will!

Stage 7: "I Found A Boy"

From my personal experience, it seems that every time I finally get over a breakup, human nature rears its ugly head and suddenly an ex wants to come crawling back. Whether or not you're seeing someone new, "I Found A Boy" is an empowering ballad about being able to stand your ground when an ex is trying to tempt you back into a doomed relationship.