Dr. Valack May Be The Key To 'Teen Wolf' Season 5

True to form, Monday night's Teen Wolf Season 5 premiere was a DOOZY, and that was only Part 1 of the whole extravaganza. We saw Liam struggle to control his wolfitude at the full moon, Parrish fight a power-sucking werewolf-type creature (and mystically recover—seriously, WHAT IS PARRISH??), Scott go all True Alpha on said werewolf-type creature only to run into an old friend, and, oh yeah, LYDIA IN EICHEN HOUSE. By the end of the episode it was revealed that everything we just saw was a flashback, and Lydia's time in the sanitarium is taking place after senior year of high school, and guys, there were some upsetting flashbacks to tease the fate of our favorite Beacon Hills residents. I may have screamed at the TV several times. Our closing shot was watching Doctor Valack, now mysteriously sans head-hole, start to drill a hold into Lydia's head to "help her remember." So, how is Doctor Valack really connected to all of this? Could he be the key to understanding Season 5 and the new Big Bads? Let's discuss.

From what we know of Doctor Valack, the hole in his head houses a rather disgusting third eye that grants him psychic abilities. I'm assuming it's meant to be representative of the whole "all-Seeing third eye" business that clairvoyants boast, but this is Teen Wolf, and we really can't rely on logic when attempting to draw conclusions. How the hole got there, we don't know for sure, but now that we have this fancy head-hole-drilling tool in are mental arsenal, I'm assuming that we're going to maybe get some answers (like, how did he magically removed his own head-hole, for starters?). I'm just hoping that Lydia doesn't end up with this mess in her head, because that would be pretty hard to hide, even with some well-placed bangs:

Ugh, still not over the fact that that's in some dude's SKULL. But I digress. Except not that much because I will literally never be able to fully digress from how disgusting that is.

Here's my theory: Lydia is a banshee. Banshees, in their own way, have some degree of psychic abilities — they can know when someone is about to die, they hear difficult-to-interpret voices (presumably spirit voices) that lead them to answers, and, as we learned in this most recent premiere, they can see ghosts. How else can you explain Lydia seeing Aiden at Eichen House? And now, Lydia potentially has a hole in her head, maybe similar to that of Dr. Valack's. So, with all of that in mind, it serves to reason that Dr. Valack's psychic abilities might somehow be related to Lydia's.

Think about it: When Deaton visited Dr. Valack for the first time during Season 4 looking for answers about Derek and his mother, Dr. Valack told Deaton that, in order to find these answers, Deaton had to look inside his head. Could it be that having the hole drilled into his head somehow opened up Valack's mind for anyone to look into at his or her own risk? And, to that effect, does that mean that Dr. Valack was a banshee himself, and that having this hole drilled just revealed the inner eye that lies within all banshees?

I'm no banshee expert, but all of this hole-drilling nonsense seems a little bit too convenient and little bit too par for the Eichen House course to be written off as just another effed up medical practice. Holes don't just appear in peoples' heads for no reason, and Valack's appearances during Season 4 were too pivotal to the show's progress for him to have been a one- or two-off character. After all, according to the official "Villain" teaser, the Big Bads of Season 5 are called "The Doctors." You know, as in DOCTOR Valack, or maybe just the doctors of Eichen House.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT. All I know for certain is this: I don't want any of the doctors to see me. Not now, not ever.

Images: MTV; Giphy; starsshallnotfall/Tumblr