This Is Who's Having The Best Sex In Ireland

A new study by The Irish Times has found out exactly how people feel about sex. Having surveyed 12,000 people the study hoped to answer the age-old question : “Is my sex life normal?” And, of course, there’s no better way of convincing yourself that you’re just like everybody else than by reading about the sex lives of others. According to one of the researchers, these types of studies can help people accept and deal with their own sexual issues. Nothing supplies a deep breath of relief quite like knowing you're not alone in the fact that you want to have sex precisely 11 times a day, for example.

The study was conducted online earlier this month and included both virgins and people who have had sex before. Of those surveyed only seven percent hadn’t had sex in the past year, while 44 percent had gotten it on at least once in the past week. Although the survey included all facets of sexuality, like how often people were doing it, the frequency of one-night stands, and the number of the partners people had, one of the most interesting aspects was who’s enjoying their sex life and who isn’t.

On the whole, women are the happiest when it comes to sex. In fact, women aren’t just happier with their sex lives, both lesbians and straight, but their numbers pretty much blow men out of the water. Yeah, us!

From "very satisfied" to "very dissatisfied," here are the five groups of people in Ireland who are having the best sex.

1. Lesbians

More than half of lesbians, at a whopping 51 percent, could say that they’re very happy with their sex life. In fact, only three percent said they were very dissatisfied. I guess if you have access to the equipment 24/7, it only makes sense that women are just going to know how to truly satisfy each other.

2. Women Ages 17 To 24

Not far behind at 47 percent, women, of all sexual orientations, between the ages of 17 and 24, reported that they were very happy with their sex life. Although, honestly, this sort of throws that talk about sex in your 30s being better than in your 20s, but maybe it's just different in Ireland? It's the brogue, I bet.

3. Women Ages 25 To 34

Of those polled, 41 percent of women between 25 and 34 said they were very happy with their sex life, while just over a third said they were only “somewhat happy.” Only five percent of women in this age group said they were very dissatisfied.

4. Men Ages 17 To 24

Coming in at fourth place for overall sexual satisfaction and first place for men, are guys between the ages of 17 and 24. It’s in this age group that 40 percent of say they’re very happy with their sex lives.

5. Heterosexual Women

Also at 40 percent and tying with guys between 17 and 24, are straight women who say they’re very satisfied with their sex lives. In comparison, only 30 percent of straight men could say the same. Maybe straight dudes should start taking lessons from lesbians on how to get the most out of their sex lives.

Images: Janine/Flickr; Giphy(5)