What Is Jason's Accent On 'Big Brother 17'?

Guys, I can’t take it in any longer. We need to talk about Jason's accent from Big Brother 17, because it is downright insane. I mean, I'm usually good at telling where people are from by their accent, but the way Jason speaks is so cdownright unrecognizable that it’s getting to the point where I can’t even focus on the game when he’s talking. So, let's just take a moment to solve this little mystery.

As many Big Brother fans all already know, Jason currently lives in Swansea, Massachusetts, but is originally from the neighboring town of Fall River, Massachussetts. Both of these towns are south of Boston and quite close to Rhode Island (like, Providence, Rhode Island is practically these towns' neighbor). Because of this location, I do get why his accent is super difficult to place. Often times, the Massachusetts accent varies from town to town — similar to how a southern accent from Texas sounds nothing like a southern accent from Georgia, especially to a native.

However, Jason’s accent? It almost seems to be something else entirely. Sure, he drops his R’s and pronounces his vowels like a true Bostonian, but still — his accent sounds like there is more New York in it than Boston to me. So, what’s going on there? Is this really how he talks, or is just an act that he's putting on, like so many contestants have in the past, for the sake of game play?

Personally, I have a feeling his accent is legitimate, so I'm thinking best way for me to make sense of it going forward is just to call it a blend. A perfect mix of Boston and New York in one pretty little package. A combination of “Bronx Beat” and Good Will Hunting; My Cousin Vinnie and Mystic River; The Sopranos and Ted. Sure, it might drive some crazy, but it kind of reminds me of a blended wine, or those ice cream pints that are two flavors in one. It’s not for everybody, but I’m sure some people go crazy for cookie dough chunks in with their chocolate brownie. I know I do!

So, whatever Jason’s insane accent might be, I’m kind of into how it brings together some really differing sounds. (Then again, I guess I'm not the one who matters — the real test will be how long the other houseguests can stand it before they send him packing.)

Image: CBS (2); Giphy