This Comic Perfectly Explains Why You Need A Cat

When it comes to choosing the right pet for you, it's important to know your options. Carefully cruise through exhaustive pros and cons. Review what's available in your area. Survey your apartment and yard to consider what might be realistically possible. Sleep on it. Don't rush and get a puppy at the club just because it's there and fate or whatever. Seriously think. Then read this illuminating comic on why you need a cat by artist Landysh. Then, go adopt you a cat. You'll see that there are so many benefits to having a cat, really, it's foolish to go through procuring any other type of creature companion.

Science tells us cat people are better in bed (or "science" does, at least). That alone should be a handsome incentive to scoop yourself a kitty pal forever and ever (or a dozen years or so, more likely). They're effective in attracting potential sex friends, y'know. Also! You never know if the cat you select as a furry roommate has the capacity to burst into true Internet stardom. The Internet loves cats, after all, and who are you to deny the worldwide masses? Your contribution could be exactly what the universe needs.

What could be a legit reason not to get a cat? Allergies, possible. But hello? There's Claritin and if you have decent health insurance, allergy shots are an option. There are ways to navigate allergic waters, I'm pretty sure.

In the meantime, please consider some of the following convincing reasons from Landysh to enter a cat-human companionship ASAP:

Organization skills

My cat Kevin reminds me there's endless ways to repurpose toilet paper as a viable medium to create modern art. I now keep the roll on a very tall shelf.


A good reminder, TBH.

The cozy factor

Keyboards look cuter when stuffed with cat fur.

Built-in wake up calls

I promise with a cat you will swiftly end any oversleeping bad habits.



You can see the whole series at Lingvistov, and all the adoptable cats in your area via Petfinder.

Images: Courtesy of Landysh (5)