9 Food Inspired Temporary Tattoos That'll Make You Feel Good Enough To Eat This Summer

For me, summer is all about enjoying great, seasonal food and looking and feeling great. If your outlook is similar to mine, why not combine your love of food and this season's hottest trend and wear food inspired temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are huge right now. You know that when Cara Delevigne rocks a trend that it's going to be big. Everyone is going crazy for metallic temporary tattoos and the fashion industry is having fun with new and unusual temporary tattoos. Even Rihanna has launched a temporary tattoo line in collaboration with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche and if RiRi's on board the trend train, you know this train won't be pulling out of the station anytime soon.

So here's a selection of drool-worthy temporary tattoos to suit any palette.

The Pizza Addict Tattoo

Grab a slice of the temporary tattoo action with this tat, perfect for all the pizza lovers out there.

Pizza Addict Temporary Tattoo, $5 (Set Of 2), etsy.com

The Ring Pop Tattoo

This temporary tattoo is super sweet and pays homage to a much loved, nostalgic candy of our childhood.

Bling Bling, $5 (Set Of 6), tattify.com

The Popsicle Tattoos

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these cute popsicle tattoos.

Popsicles, $5 (Set Of 2 Sheets), tattly.com

The Five-A-Day Tattoos

Get your five-a-day with these fruit and vegetable inspired tattoos.

Foodie Themed Temporary Tattoos, $7 (Includes Set Of 8), etsy.com

The Herbivore Tattoo

Wear your dietary heart on your sleeve (or neck) with this adorable temporary tattoo for vegetarians.

Vegetarian, $5 (Set Of 2), tattly.com

The Ice Cream Lover's Tattoo

Ever dream of enjoying an ice cream of Scooby Doo proportions? Well now you can with this humongous ice cream cone tattoo.

Ice-cream Temporary Tattoos, $5 (Set Of 2), amazon.com

The Cherry Bomb Tattoo

This is the perfect tattoo for lovers of rebellious girl band The Runaways. Rock out in this cherry skull tat.

Cherry Bomb, $5 (Set Of 2), tattify.com

The Happy Junk Food Tattoos

What could be cuter than wearing smiling ice cream temporary tattoos this summer?

Temporary Tattoos Pictures Of Food, $14, amazon.com

The Finger Food Tattoos

Do you enjoy a little nibble? Well you’ll adore these mini finger food tattoos!

Finger Food, $5 (Set Of 12), tattify.com