"Not Alone" Video from Catholic Vote Reveals the Plight of "Oppressed" Anti-Gay Marriage Advocates, And It's Sadly Not Parody

Most people are obviously very happy about the Supreme Court's decision to outlaw same-sex marriage bans, but lots of other people interpreted it as a sign that they are now an oppressed population. Why? Apparently the reasoning is that they... aren't allowed to oppress some other population quite so thoroughly anymore. No, it doesn't make any sense — someone else gaining rights you already had doesn't make you "oppressed" — but those people have still been inspired to create a video called "Not Alone," wherein gay marriage opponents console each other about their newfound "oppressed" status. Sadly, this is not a parody of how ridiculous same-sex marriage opponents sound. They're really serious.

In the video, which was posted on the Catholic Vote YouTube channel, various opponents of same-sex marriage talk about how they feel "different," how they feel concerned about people finding out "the truth" about them, but how they just can't hide who they are anymore. At which point, you'd assume that this is a PSA about and for LGBT people and coming to terms with your identity — but no. Instead, it's about people who don't think that LGBT people deserve to have same-sex unions recognized by their government.

I am not insensitive to people who are upset about their government's policies, or aspects of their country; I myself am routinely pissed off about everything from unmanned drone strikes, efforts to weaken the social safety net, Donald Trump, and the fact that people apparently aren't concerned when black churches are burned down, to name just a few. But the key distinction here is that even when I find those things frustrating beyond all measure, even when they put me at odds with the opinions of the majority, I am not actually oppressed by the fact that people don't see things my way.

But apparently some people... well, don't see things that way.

catholicvote on YouTube

Look, if you don't like the fact that people of the same sex are able to get married, you are free to think that. I personally believe that this makes you prejudiced because you aren't willing to grant the same civil rights to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, but we live in a country where you are free to believe whatever you like. You can talk about your disagreement without facing legal consequence. You can protest the decision. You can talk the ear off of everyone you meet. There will be people who are pissed off as a result, but that's their right as much as it is yours.

And that's the point: In this scenario, everyone still has all their rights, and those rights are equal. Ergo, no one is oppressed.

Fortunately, you remember when I mentioned how the whole video seems like parody? Well, someone's already made an actual parody of it, throwing into sharp relief just how ridiculous these people seem — and how ridiculous it is that we still haven't achieved true equality for all people yet. Let's get cracking on that, shall we?

soundlyawake [Nicola Foti] on YouTube