Bustle's 'Big Brother 17' Podcast Is Here

Get ready to expect the unexpected all summer long with Bustle's Big Brother podcast The Diary Room . It's not officially the summer until a new set of houseguests have entered the Big Brother house, and to celebrate this time of the year, Bustle is launching a super fan's dream (sorry, "Big Brother Historian's dream" if you're Jason) podcast. Each week, The Diary Room will cover all things Big Brother; from weekly recaps to huge live feed game play, no stone is left unturned. Hey, we might even throw in a twist. This is Big Brother, after all.

Taking on the task of dissecting every moment that is happening inside the house are TV Editor Samantha Rullo, TV Writer Allison Piwowarski (aka, me), and Associate Entertainment Editor Kadeen Griffiths. We all love Big Brother as much as Julie Chen loves to say "But first..." You'll hear our theories on houseguests, game talk, and Clay Honeycutt talk (which is just as important as game talk, right?). And then there's The Diary Room game, "Showmance, Bromance, Nomance," which is the Big Brother version of "F**k, Marry, Kill."

In the first installment, we discuss the most recent week in the house. Who is the biggest threat? Who made the biggest mistake? Is the Twin Twist going to work now that almost everyone knows about it? We'll answer all of those questions, in addition to a few observations like..

  • How Clay's body and game play are leaving us confused
  • Whether Jackie is even on the show
  • Austin's clutch strategy
  • The creepiness of two certain houseguests
  • Exactly how strong Audrey's beanie game is

You can check out future episodes of The Diary Room on Bustle’s SoundCloud page. Special thanks to producer Noel Howard for putting this together.

Want even more Big Brother? Bustle’s App has you covered. It’s THE go-to place for any BB fan looking for round-the-clock Season 17 updates. BUT FIRST, you need to download the app from iTunes.

Editor's Note: The podcast discusses video footage from TMZ that suggests Jeff allegedly masturbated on Julia, but the website has since updated the report with a video from a new angle, which shows this did not occur.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS