Princess Diana's Versace Gown Sold For Over $190,000 On What Would Have Been Her 54th Birthday

When the gorgeous Princess Diana was alive, outside of her extensive and varied charity work, one of the things she was most well known for was her style. The stunning blonde was praised worldwide for being an angel, and she had the appearance to match. Her sense of style— and her royal title — made her one of the most notable women of the early 90's, so it's no surprise that Princess Diana's Versace gown sold for six times its starting bid while at auction.

Princess Diana's stunning light blue Versace dress was a stunner the first time it was seen in print in1997 following her death. Allegedly, the gown was one of the first designed for the princess by the famous fashion house. Its column silhouette and intricate beading make it a true stunner, and the gorgeous woman in it didn't let such a beautiful dress wear her. No, Diana totally carried that dress off without being overshadowed. With her stunning features and gorgeous skin though, Diana could have worn a paper sack and looked stunning.

The gown, up for auction at Julien's Auctions' Hollywood Legends auction, was originally set at an initial bid of $30,000, which honestly, seems a bit low. After all, Princess Diana's beanie baby counterpart is now worth that much. Surely a dress worn by the charitable icon would be worth much more? I'm apparently not the only one who thought that. The gown ended up selling for upward of six times its original listing price! The Versace piece has been archived with the fashion house for eighteen years, so we do believe that it's time for this stunning dress to see the light of day once more.

Image: Harper'sBazaar