Vinci, California From 'True Detective' Seems So Real & It's Not The Only TV Town To Have That Effect

We're only four episodes into True Detective Season 2 and I've already got my favorite cast member figured out: the city of Vinci, California. The town with a population of 95 is just as much as a starring member of the series as Rachel McAdams or Taylor Kitsch, and just as mysterious too. It holds a ton of secrets, but since we probably won't get to the bottom of them until the end of the season, we might as well look to other fictional cities like Vinci that we've grown just as attached to. Anyone up for a fake road trip?

While Vinci is actually inspired by the real city of Vernon, California, it's still very much from the mind True Detective's creator Nic Pizzolatto. Sure, he used a lot of inspiration from the real town for its setting and scenery, but it's still completely fake. Very fake. Still, it's one of the best parts about True Detective. This season has made me realize that even though I'd last about three days living in Vinci myself, I would love to drive through it, just to check it out. See what's there, maybe snap a few pictures, pretend I'm Rachel McAdams, and kick some butt.

So on this fake, sight-seeing fictional town road trip, where else are we going to stop? Here are other fictional towns like Vinci that just seemed so real, you still want to visit them some day, and how they compare to True Detective's setting.

Pawnee, Indiana — Parks and Recreation

Pawnee's slogan is "First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity." As for Vinci, its slogan might as well be, "First in Corruption, Fourth in Murder." Of course, the tides could still shift by the end of this season, putting the city first in the murder category.

Beyond how fleshed out they are, this is actually the city least like Vinci. Pawnee has a stable (though crazy) government. Vinci's government is completely out of control. The mayor doesn't even LIVE in Vinci — you know Leslie Knope would never stand for that.

Gotham — Gotham

People wear lots of disguises in Gotham. It appears they do the same in Vinci. Gotham will one day grow up and have a Batman problem. Vinci already has a bird-man problem.

Stars Hollow, Connecticut — Gilmore Girls

OK, Vinci and Stars Hollow couldn't be any more dissimilar than they are already. Except for maybe the resident bad boys? But Jess Mariano is a far, faaaaar cry from whatever is going on with Ray Velcoro. Although, do we know yet if Vinci has a great diner?

Neptune, California — Veronica Mars

Corruption? Check. Spunky kickass woman? Check. Murder? You bet. If Neptune and Vinci were people, I'd bet they'd be BFFs. Neptune is also a sleepy, little California town, but it is full of so many secrets, it's a wonder it's not actually bigger. Maybe the True Detective team should call Veronica in to help solve Ben Caspere's murder.

Starling City — Arrow

Starling City has a wonderful network of villains, probably some of the best in the country. Whoever is behind this great big True Detective murder would probably fit in real well with Malcolm Merlyn. Can you imagine the two of them going into business together? The True Detective baddie, and the only guy whose managed to talk his way out of the League of Assassins? They'd be completely unstoppable.

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