6 Lana Del Rey Rumors That Are Absolutely Ridiculous, From Dating Rumors To... Well, More Dating Rumors

What would a torch singer be without her secrets? Ever Lizzy Grant was reborn as forever-sad songstress Lana Del Rey, she's been shrouded by bonkers rumors, mystery, and controversy... all as to be expected. When you're any sort of celebrity with an alter ego, audiences and fans are bound to tirelessly debate the "real" and "fake" aspects of said celebrity's life — and not only that, but they will also go digging around both the celebrity's past and future to figure out the truth. (Don't believe me? You can ask Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe, about that one.)

Of course, Monroe was fortunate enough to not be a star during the age of Twitter and the 24-hour news cycle. Del Rey, on the other hand, is sadly stuck churning the rumor mill — most of which are more ridiculous than the thought of her ever singing a bubbly pop song. By taking a nostalgic look back on her career, I was able to dig up some of these insane, outrageous rumors that have peppered her young career as a musical megastar.

So, get ready for the gossip, because here's a chronological account of the most ridiculous rumors about the one and only Del Rey.

October 2011: Rumors About Her Lips


Let's get the obvious out the way, shall we? As soon as Grant took on her Del Rey persona, fans were more than a little bit skeptic about whether or not the starlet had plastic surgery... despite the fact that, you know, it's no one's business what someone does with their own body, famous or not. However, Del Rey addressed those rumors early on in a Complex interview, basically calling it insane and false. In her own words:

I haven’t had anything done at all. Anyone who’s known me will tell you that. I’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery.

Sadly, the debate still rages on today.

March 2012: Rumors About Her Dating Marilyn Manson


In short, Del Rey was spotted chatting with Manson at a Berlin charity dinner and, immediately after, fans and commenters on gossip site Oh No They Didn't! were screaming "New Couple Alert!" I'm going to go with a big "Nah" on this one, mostly because a) they were just talking, and b) a little because I'm pretty sure the world couldn't handle such a gloomy union.

April 2012: Rumors About Her Dating Axl Rose


It was like, the universe was wondering what would be even gloomier than dating Manson, and then this happened. In short, the New York Daily News reported Del Rey and Rose were dating after the two were spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont. Del Rey later denied this at a show in London, though.

May 2014: Rumors About Her Being Paid $2.8 Million To Sing At Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's Wedding


For three songs, guys! Specifically, Perez Hilton reported Del Rey was getting paid $2.8 million for THREE SONGS.

Later on Del Rey denied the rumor to TMZ. "I would never charge a friend to sing at their wedding, that would be crazy," she said. Duh.

August 2014: Rumors About Her WEDDING James Franco


Franco posted a casual Instagram of the pair captioned: "Oh snap, we got married! Just kidding." The "just kidding" part kind of shut this one down quickly, but there was a brief moment when I'm sure fans ALL thought an impromptu wedding would make for fitting performance art for both parties.

Not enough fanfare though.

August 2014: ...Then, Rumors About Her Just Dating Franco


WELL. Despite the fact that a Franco/Del Rey union has been rumored for ages, this is yet another ridiculous dating rumor. In December 2014, Franco told Howard Stern in an interview on The Howard Stern Show that he would "have sex with [Del Rey's] music" but "outside of that, it's like, our dynamic is we're just kind of friends, we get along so well." So, all those rumors about Franco and Del Rey dating? Likely, not the case.

Sadly, to this day, ridiculous rumors about Del Rey float around the Internet at breakneck speeds. I mean, it'd be too simple and respectful if people just focused on her music and art, right?

(For the record, that's sarcasm. Please just focus on her music and art, people.)

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