7 Celebrities' Amazing Harry Styles Impressions, From His Fellow One Direction Members To An A-List Baby — VIDEOS

It's already been established that Harry Styles can do a killer Niall Horan impression and cop a kickass Irish accent, but oh what fun it really is when the tables turn and celebs start whipping out their best Harry Styles impersonations. Though the cold, hard fact remains that the One Direction singer is a perfect specimen of a human being and there is no one on this Earth who could even hope to come close to such god-like beauty, holy hell is it hilarious when celebs break out their imitations of Styles.

So, what are the components that make up a good Harry Styles impression? Usually, it has to incorporate at least one of the following elements: An identical representation of his Harry ~style~ (aka his tousled locks and skin-tight black skinny jeans) and his hilariously drawn-out affect and general posh British accent. Though comedians like Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon really have this in the bag, is it really a surprise that the best Styles impersonations come from his fellow One Direction band members? Like, they freaking killed it.

To quote Sinead O' Connor, "Nothing Compares 2 U," Harry Styles. But these celebs certainly gave it the good ol' college try.

1. Kristen Wiig

Clevver News on YouTube

Kristen Wiig may have known practically nothing about One Direction when she impersonated Harry Styles on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but that doesn't mean her impression was anything less than stellar. It's basically like someone just photoshopped her face over Styles' body. PERFECTION.

2. Zayn Malik

1DFunStuff on YouTube

Of course, no one can imitate Styles quite like his fellow 1D band members (or should I say, former 1D band member *sniff*), and Zayn Malik is, without a doubt, the best one of the bunch (watch him nail it at 1:30 in the vid above). Dem inflections, tho.

3. Liam Payne

"I talk really slow... and I look somewhere else when I'm tellin' it so you lose interest even more in what I'm saying," Payne said in his impersonation of Styles at 25 seconds in the same compilation video above. SO HARRY, amiright?! You slay me, Liam Payne.

4. Niall Horan

My fave thing about One Direction imitating Harry Styles is how they all immediately go for the "slow talking" thing. And Niall Horan's impression is pretty much exactly that. Check it at the 1:50 mark above.

5. Jimmy Fallon

Words weren't necessary for Jimmy Fallon to deliver this kickass impersonation of Harry Styles. Fallon — who seemingly donned the exact same wig and ensemble as Kristen Wiig — had the singer's mannerisms down pat, from the way he stands on stage with his arms behind his back to that adorable jumpy thing that he does.

6. Jimmy Kimmel's Nephew

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

The only thing better than a celebrity Harry Styles impersonator is a celebrity baby Harry Styles impersonator. And Jimmy Kimmel certainly kicked things up a notch when he introduced his nephew Wesley (literally, the most precious mini Harry) to the boy bander himself. Matching messy curls 4 lyfe.

7. Jessica Simpson's Son

Ace Johnson is a mini Harry Styles in training — at least, according to his mom, Jessica Simpson. The singer and fashion designer captioned this Instagram photo, "Ace Knute channeling his inner Harry Styles." Bonus points: Styles liked it. Awww.