Lucy Hale Wore A Bright Bikini On Her Hawaiian Vacation, And It's Giving Us Summer Swimsuit Goals

Pretty Little Liars star and bob aficionado Lucy Hale is one fashionable lady. The actress and singer has had some seriously cool beauty and fashion moments in the past few months including continuing to shorten her formerly signature long locks. Now, the gorgeous star is giving us serious girly summer style envy. Hale's colorful mix and match bikini from her Hawaiian vacation was everything we've ever needed in a perfect bikini.

Currently, Hale isn't in the fictional world of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Instead, she's hanging out on the shores of Hawaii with her rumored new beau Anthony Kalabretta. While we're super interested in the new mystery man that Hale is cozying up to, we're more into how she's rocking some killer swim suits that make us want to go shopping. This isn't the only time Hale has given us beauty and style envy though. Back at the American Music Awards last year, Hale stunned in a totally cool flapper style dress with which she rocked a dark, red lip color with which she seemingly had a bit of help. Hale's collaboration with Mark Cosmetics has her showing all of us how to perfectly rock a vampy lip and eye look that's got us wanting to go dark for a night on the town.

Hale is again giving us that same style envy in her gorgeous Instagram posts from Hawaii. The singer and actress is rocking a Zimmerman swimsuit in neon mix and match colors that prove bikinis don't always need to match.

If you're super crazy about Hale's gorgeous neon bikini, the suit can be yours! Bloomingdales has the perfect, girly suit for $187. Maybe it's Hale's ability to make everything look bright and sunny or her clear zest for life, but whatever it is, we're loving her in this suit!

Zimmerman Pivot Flip Bandeau Bikini Set; $188

With sweet feminine details along the top and a sexy plunge, the suit is able to perfectly combine girly sweetness and sexy summer style seamlessly. Plus, we love the mix and match bottom and top which adds an air of effortlessness to the look. We all knew that Lucy had great red carpet style, but she's also got her off duty look down, too.

Images: beemariestyle/Instagram; Lucy Hale/Instagram (2); Bloomingdales