Get Your 'True Detective' Season 2 Meme On

There isn't much levity — if any — in the True Detective franchise. So fans need to make their own fun with memes of True Detective Season 2. Before it even started, #TrueDetectiveSeason2 was trending as people used memes to express their ideal (and at times outrageous) choices for the new cast. There was enough fodder at just the prospect of who would be cast for Season 2 to create some hilarious memes. And since the Season 2 cast of True Detective includes the all-stars of Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch, there are a lot of pop culture and movie references for the Internet to work with when it comes to making memes this season.

With the characters pretty much having no joy in their lives and mystery surrounding who killed the kinky city manager Ben Caspere, each hour of the new season of the HBO show has been pretty depressing. True Detective Season 2 isn't getting the love from reviewers — or even viewers — that Season 1 did, but I am still hoping that the show will move from just plain morose to truly intriguing. While I wait to see if Season 2 can live up to its former glory, here are some memes that make you laugh — whether you've been enjoying True Detective or not.

For The Mean Girls Fan

McAdams will never be able to live down her first big movie role — and why should she?? She was brilliant as the evil Regina George in Mean Girls.

For The Game Of Thrones Fan

Jon Snow may have known nothing, but Farrell's Ray Velcoro does know what's up.

For The Death Becomes Her Fan

I had been excited at the prospect of Ray getting shot either leading to him dying — or at least being in recovery for awhile — but the show moved on from that plot point quickly. Although Farrell doesn't make a half bad Goldie Hawn.

For The Eric Andre Show Fans

Eric Andre promotes his segment "Bird Up!" on his Adult Swim show as the "worst show on television." Let's hope that the rest of the episodes of True Detective Season 2 don't lead to the show earning that title.

For The Animated Version Of Robin Hood Fans

The rooster Alan-a-Dale is a traveling minstrel who provides singing narration in the Disney film Robin Hood, but True Detective probably doesn't need its own troubadour.

And One More Time For The Mean Girls Fans

Ani — stop trying to make e-cigarettes happen! Regina George would not approve!

Now, can someone please get on creating an excellent Vaughn-McAdams Wedding Crashers/True Detective meme, pretty please?

Images: Lacey Terrell/HBO; gameoflaugh/Tumblr