Taylor Swift Says The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Inspired Her Wardrobe For The 1989 Tour

By now, fans know that heading to a show on Taylor Swift's 1989 tour is going to result in seeing Tay in shimmer, sparkles, glitter, and more sparkles. I mean, in her famous SNL monologue song she owned up to liking "glitter and sparkly dresses," so Swift's 1989 Tour Wardrobe being packed full of glittery dresses (and jumpsuits and crop tops and skirts) should come as no surprise. However, these specific sparkle-filled ensembles were distinctly inspired by something — and someone: Taylor Swift spills that 1989 Tour's wardrobe is inspired by Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

“I loved playing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so I took inspiration from the costume designers and how brilliant they are with glitter. There are a lot of sparkly elements to my 1989 tour,” Swift told People. She said that her outfits go perfectly with the bracelets the crowd wears and creates a magical effect. "Not only is the crowd being entertained by all the sparkly stuff we’re doing on stage — we’re looking out on to 60,000 people who look just like a glittery sky of stars,” she told the magazine. “Ugh, I love it.”

This also confirms some Tumblr user's suspicions that Tay was inspired by her Victoria's Secret Angel BFF Karlie Kloss's spangly jumpsuit. Aw, the literal Shine Theory.

If you're going to see Tay on her world tour, or just want to look like you are, here are five glittery things you can buy right now:

1. Sequin Shorts

Sequined Shorts, $30, hm.com

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2. Glittery Pencil Skirt

Sparkly Pencil Skirt, £34, navabi.com

Wear this with just a tank top underneath so you can throw on your souvenir t-shirt right away to dress it down.

3. Glitter Knee Socks

Ribbed Glitter Knee Socks, $10, asos.com

Worn with bloomer-esque shorts or a cute dress and platform heels, these knee socks will definitely add edge to that "good girl" look.

4. Shimmery Dress

Carmakoma Barossa Dress, $285, heygorgeous.com

This dress has a sophisticated look that's still playful and a ton of fun.

5. Glitter Rings

Glitter Three-Pack Rings, £6.50, dorothyperkins.com

Add some subtle shimmer for a wallet-friendly price with this peachy glittery ring set.

Images: Getty(1); Courtesy Brands (5)